HydroCoin is rocking the hydrogen industry worldwide to build a cleaner tomorrow. They will be the first cryptocurrency for the blockchain community that is empowering the hydrogen industry and working to improve hydrogen technologies. For investors looking to be able to participate in hydrogen advancements, this will be a unique way to do it.

What is Hydrocoin’s main focus?

Hydrocoin focuses on building a new decentralized system of clean energy production. The cryptocurrency plans to act as more than just a tradeable token, it is also designed to be a certificate for clean renewable fuels, and a currency to purchase clean fuels at other certified stations. Hydrocoin will be the first currency that allows the owners to decide which technologies will be supported by the community. The market price of the currency will reflect the current development-phase of clean energy, and in turn, the availability of clean fuel.

The project started from a vision to produce energy from renewable sources only. Even when a vehicle is technically “green” and uses hydrogen as fuel, if the hydrogen is being produced by fossil sources, then it is still not zero impact. By supporting other projects like HydroGenial, Hydrocoin is not only helping to deliver hydrogen energy, but renewable and cleanly sourced hydrogen as fuel.

What does the future of HydroCoin look like?

A larger innovation that HydroCoin is working towards making widely available, is the safe and efficient storage of hydrogen in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). HydroCoin hopes to make this technology ready to use for trucks, ships, and other utility-vehicles. By decentralizing future energy-production, HydroCoin is dedicated to a future where every farmer worldwide will be able to produce hydrogen. While every HydroCoin has the built-in right to be used to purchase clean energy.

Participate in HydroCoin’s Crowdsale

HYC is an ERC20 standard token. You need to have a personally dedicated Ether wallet to buy. Your bought tokens will be sent to and hold by your personally dedicated Ether wallet. Do not send Ethers from wallets which does not belong to you personally, e.g. from a wallet of an exchange account.

PRE ICO OF HYDROCOIN offers a 10% discount.
Price: 1 HYC Token = 0.0009 ETH (see whitepaper for details https://hydrocoin.org/wp-content/uploads/Whitepaper.pdf)

ICO is set to be on 1st April 2018
Price: 1 HYC = 0.001 ETH

HYC will be listed on major exchanges as soon as possible. HYC is not minable. The maximum amount of issued HYC will be 1 billion tokens.

To learn more about this crowdsale, visit HydroCoin’s ICO listing or Hydrocoin’s website.