Companies depend on their networks to allow them to deliver services successfully. In a global marketplace full of ever-evolving security threats, networks need adaptive security systems now more than ever before.

ICloudSec’s mission is to make networks safer and more effective to meet the modern company’s needs. That is why they are creating the first ever cloud-based network security model using blockchain, to provide dynamic fault handling, high availability and complete robustness in network automation eco-space.

How is their network different?

ICloudSec is able to provide consistency using a multilayer network configuration. Using blockchain rules out any opportunity for a breach in network security. Their team has designed a way to safeguard against potential intruders and network meddlers through a dynamic tactical approach:

  • Identity Management

Blockchain empowers every network participant to control their own identity and share between trusted entities

  • Access Management

ICloudSec mitigates unauthorized access and provides comprehensive privacy protection.

  • Insider Attack

An analytic engine processes events in the right order to prevent security breaches so no information can be tampered with.

  • Configuration Manipulation Management

ICloudSec blocks the insertion of malicious flow entries in a network component.

  • Constant Monitoring & Verification

Around-the-clock monitoring for any change or inconsistencies in network policy prevents helps to protect against intruders.

Who is ICloudSec a solution for?

ICloudSec is a security solution for any business trying to compete in the marketplace. Their cloud and blockchain-based security system will dramatically solve network service deployment risk for service providers and businesses running their application on a private cloud. Their mission creates a not only defensive security network, but an offensive one that will actively negate breaches in security.

How to participate iCloudSec’s Crowd Sale

Sale dates: February 26th, 2018- May 25th, 2018

To make payment through BTC, BCH, LTC & XRP. Send an email to [email protected] to get payment details.

For more details visit iCloudSec’s ICO profile or