IDMoney is the first social, global, and public token— it is an improved governance system for cryptos. Their mission is to enhance local development and empower citizens with a new government model supported by a free, distributed blockchain wallet. IDMoney plans to support sovereignty for citizens in three chosen municipalities in a unique way. Simultaneously, global collaboration will allow IDMoney to create the foundation for a decentralized multi-government cryptocurrency.

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20% off all tokens created will be directly given to those in need. The token will be used to fight poverty in the three selected municipalities. The recurring donations will grow and become more substantial as the token increases in value. This will foster empowerment and a sense of ownership for those local economies. How will the donations be allocated? Local governments will identify high-need populations and IDMoney will distribute crypto resources right into those citizens’ wallets.

IDMoney will not leave distribution up to a third non-profit party, they plan to give to those in need directly.


While IDMoney acts local, they think global. The free Money Making Wallet application software is open to for use to anyone in the world. The three municipalities will use and promote this software to contribute in a more targeted way to structurally support the use of IDMoney, while anyone in the world can use the token and wallet to both benefit from and contribute to IDMoney’s value.


“IDMoney is a collaborative project. We encourage contributors to join us and incorporate their unique talents and skills to our team. Those interested in making alliances or developing projects in crypto governance can contact IDMoney,” says IDMoney team.

IDMoney is made for the public and will be used to implement new ways of governance and reinforce social consciousness on both a local and global scale. The project will serve as a microcosmic example of crypto enacted on a local socioeconomic level and is designed to reflect value back onto the global market while fighting poverty in those specific municipalities.

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