Invest in Brokers is creating a trading platform for the whole crypto community. Many existing or developing trading platforms cater to either seasoned traders or the newbie crowd exclusively, Invest Platform is changing that with their smart social ecosystem that allows for newbies and novices to create mutually beneficial relationships. The Invest in Brokers Team has been investing in crypto since 2014, making it a platform built by experts, but made for everyone.

How does it work?

On the platform, you can follow more knowledgeable investors and match their trading pairs. The feeless and trustless platform facilitates copy-trading. One experienced investor (ranked for skill level and trust by the platform) with a history of successful trades can share their strategy on the platform, and another beginner can choose to subscribe, and the two become linked through an API.

Every time the experienced trader makes a move, it will be copied on the exchange of the novice user’s choice automatically. This system creates a marketplace for experienced traders to share and monetize their skill set and an environment where newer investors can learn how to trade from the best.

The funds will stay in user’s wallets, and only users will have access to their private keys on the API. The Invest Platform app will be available on both Android and iOS mobile devices for on the go trading. Invest in Brokers only charges 10% of the profits users have made through subscribing to another user’s trades. To participate, you need to have a stake in INV tokens, which will become more valuable as more and more successful trading is carried out on the platform, bringing users even more crypto-wealth.

Token Sale Details

Invest in Brokers’ Pre-sale starts on May 26th and runs through July 15th.

There will be a total of 210 million tokens, of which 60% will be offered for sale at a base of 0.0002 ETH:

Soft Cap: 4000 ETH ($1 500 000)

Hard Cap: 21429 ETH ($8 000 000)

All unsold tokens will be burned.

To find out more information visit Invest in Broker’s ICO Listing on Coin Clarity or Invest in Broker’s website.