IPHCHAIN Database is revolutionizing the protection of intellectual property (IP) with blockchain. From inventions to original literary manuscripts to trade secrets and other artistic works, concepts or ideas—IPHCHAIN works to protect it all. By using blockchain technology, IPCHAIN Database replaces traditional intellectual property strategies by offering proof of authorship via secure digital publication. Using this method, blockchain helps protect your interests by safely sharing and transferring intellectual property in a more secure way than ever before. There has yet to be a faster, easier, safer, or cheaper way to establish documented ownership of intellectual property.

What are some of the security features of IPCHAIN Database?

IPCHAIn is incorruptible and unchangeable thanks to the blockchain’s digital ledger, making it the ideal solution for proof of authorship. The publication then becomes defensive by nature and sharing or transferring the intellectual property becomes much safer.

The platform’s security and adherence to WIPO standards make IPCHAIN publications a reliable source of evidence for the innovator’s rights to their work which can then be used in any legal proceedings and serve as acceptable proof in any case. Anything published to IPCHAIN can serve as proof in patent offices worldwide.

IPCHAIN publications, on their own or used in conjunction with patents, copyrights and publications in scientific journals, will represent a new and valuable IP management tool, which offers a number of benefits for innovators of the academic, private or corporate domain as well as legal authorities.

How will IPCHAIN Database shape the future?

IPCHAIN has a designed a powerful way to use blockchain technology to protect artists, thinkers, inventors, scientists, and researchers around the world. By fulfilling all criteria of evidence of publication, IPCHAIN can help all legal proceedings have IPCHAIN proof of publication serve as a patent industry baseline. IPCHAIN’s Blockchain will be full-text searchable to create even better availability to examiners, patent offices, researchers, inventors and more. IPCHAIN Database won’t only revolutionize intellectual property protection, but how we are able to search existing intellectual property.

IPCHAIN Database’s Crowdsale

IPCHAIN tokens are utility tokens required for using the services of IPCHAIN and will be sold in the initial token offering. The proceeds from that initial token offering will then be used to further develop the basic version IPCHAIN available at the time of the token sale. Ultimately the platform will offer all additional services described in this white paper. IPCHAIN’s fee structure will support private and academic innovators through moderate pricing. With their contribution, participants in the initial token sale will ensure that IPCHAIN will fulfil its goal of becoming a revolutionary tool for the protection of novel inventions, works of art and concepts

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