Nagricoin is bringing cryptocurrency to a real-world sector, with the first agricultural and land token. Nagri is an organic composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants that help plants grow. No more GMOs and chemical fertilizers, Nagri has been in development for over seven years with 5 million of dollars invested in its research and testing. The broad application potential for Nagri in the physical world makes the Nagricoin token a robust digital asset.

What is a real-sector token?

Nagricoin believes that the “real” financial sector will be entering the crypto markets within the coming years to help fund while boosting the global economy and providing innovative solutions. Nagri helps to increase crop yield by 10-30% depending on environmental conditions. With non-GMO crops and access to healthy food for populations becoming a growing priority, Nagri is a high demand agricultural tool. Through field testing, Nagri has proven to improve the quality of nearly all crops.

Why tokenize Nagri?

IPOs are becoming a less and less attractive option for startup companies. ITOs are a more interactive way to be a part of the project via the Ethereum blockchain without all the middlemen. Nagricoin serves to remove the barriers of location, fiat currencies, legalities and more by decentralizing investment in global food security. All investors are cleared through a KYC procedure, and Nagricoin seeks to maintain strong relationships with participating investors through a smart contract.

Token Sale Details

Nagricoin’s crowdsale is open from now through May 24, 2018.

Soft Cap – $500 000
Hard Cap – $22 000 000
Token Price – $3

1,333,333 NGR Tokens – 50%
6,666,667 NGR Tokens – 25%
1,666,667 NGR Tokens – 0%

To learn more visit Nagricoin’s Coin Clarity ICO Listing or NagriCoin’s website.