Retainly is changing the face of e-commerce loyalty programs. With their quick and easy cashback redemption system accessible by web or mobile app, running a rewards program has never been simpler. No more clipping coupons or poking around search engines for promo codes. RETN’s powerful API lets developers create cashback systems quickly, while businesses and consumers reap the benefits from highly incentivized loyalty or rewards deals with guaranteed cashback opportunities.

How does RETN work?

Retainly’s loyalty automation module “Collie” is easy for businesses who don’t have an existing loyalty program to get set up. Every single customer can open just one RETN wallet and connect their wallet address with any supporting merchant. Whenever they spend, loyalty points all get redeemed in that central location, the RETN wallet. Inside the wallet, RETN can easily become fiat currency or other cryptocurrency.

What are the benefits of a crypto-based rewards program?

Instead of having reward points only be rewarding at a specific store location or website, now consumers’ rewards can earn them more money or even turn into other investment opportunities once inside the RETN wallet.

RETN is connecting merchants and consumers over the blockchain to create a space where RETN means Rewards. Turning commerce rewards into actual cash is one transaction away with RETN Deals, and 56K consumers have signed up and activated their wallets already.

The future of RETN looks large, with their target set at 3 million consumers for the year 2018, RETN hopes to become the most traded altcoin. More and more businesses are working to build their rewards programs to offer their consumer-base the opportunity to get discounts, cashback, rewards, and investment opportunities.

About RETN’s Crowdsale

RETN Token sale ends April 10th, and their crowdsale has already raised $1.3 million. The minimum investment amount is 0.2 ETH.

To find out more visit Retainly’s ICO Profile or Reatainly’s website.