Smart City Eco is building smart solutions for the online economy. By targeting all major global economic industries, SCE plans to build a platform that will serve all major players. From online shopping to online gaming and gambling, their online smart platform aims to create a utopia for e-consumers. Their main goal is to offer people a compatible marketplace with minimal fees and many options on how they can spend their tokens. With a focus on sustainability and their eye on the future, Smart City Eco isn’t just interested in improving consumerism, they want to provide people with security and solve pressing global issues like poverty and inequality.

How will a platform help take on economic problems?

Smart City Eco wants to tap into global markets and multi-trillion dollar industries, and bring smart economic progress and the development of new technology to the table. With a limited number of tokens that cannot be printed unlimitedly, therein lies a solution to everyday problems. Average people will now have one place to get everything they need.

Using one multi-currency wallet is nothing new in the crypto field, but Smart City Eco wants to provide one with cold storage, for all crypto users, to provide unprecedented security. A one virtual world economy, a place where all sellers accept one token and all consumers buy with one token that is secure and stable offers financial security in a currently unpredictable commercial gaming and gambling landscape.

Exchange ratios for ETH and BTC to the SCE token are calculated on the date of releasing funds to contributors to avoid any losses to their clients in the face of any possible market fluctuations.

What is the long-term vision for Smart City Eco?

This ICO’s vision is to build a truly smart city. Their main objective is to save resources and create an easy life for its citizens with a social network to connect and offer users support while providing them with personal resource security. Entertainment will also be a central priority in this smart city for all members of the network to enjoy.

Smart City Eco’s vision: take advantage of information and communications technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall quality of life.

How to participate in Smart City Eco’s crowdsale?

The pre-sale for Smart City Eco is now live, you can purchase SCE tokens. You can receive the tokens within 24-hours of purchasing and, unlike most ICOs, these tokens are instantly usable at DEX exchange. The sale is live until April 3, 2018.

To find out more, visit Smart City Eco’s ICO Profile or Smart City Eco’s website.