U Run It is the first and only gambling platform to be 100% managed by its players. The gambling industry has remained centralized by the house even when played on the blockchain. This causes high player turnover rates, high house edge, and player boredom. So why not use blockchain technology to decentralize the future of gambling and online casinos?

“We are going to change gambling industry once and for all. Who would want to play in a regular casino that does not offer a possibility to become a part of it?” –  U Run It Founders

How does it work?

Players control all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines on the U Run It platform. Each user has the opportunity to become the owner of the game from a lottery drawing. Then the winning player pays a small fee to confirm their lease on the game and gets to decide the parameters of the game they are hosting for the duration of that individual game or tournament. The game owner monitors the game until its conclusion and then receives the profit generated during their lease.

This system adds another layer of interest to the games, not only could you participate in the game, you can also compete with other community members for the right to host. The casino itself is a game at U Run It. It decentralizes casino ownership and helps the casino retain players which in turn lowers the overhead.

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The U Run It Token and Token Sale

The U Run It ERC20 token is used on the platform for service payments, transactions between users, third-party game developers, and payments from the operators. URUN tokens will not be further issued after the ICO. 0.5% of every transaction when paying for services on the platform made in URUN tokens will get burnt making the number of tokens available consistently decrease.


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To learn more visit U Run It’s Coin Clarity ICO Listing or the U Run It website.