In a crypto-economy that is extremely unpredictable, and unregulated, it is important to build infrastructure for the future. That is why WeiCrowd is gearing up to become the industry’s go-to platform for blockchain startups. WeiCrowd’s mission to create an ICO automation platform and token marketplace, which will serve to fix major issues the current token market faces. Primarily, the platform seeks to ensure token safety, growth, and liquidity.

How WeiCrowd Works

WeiCrowd is zero cost an end-to-end service for ICOs and token creators. The platform will help with fundraising and aims to collect a 2-6% ‘success fee’ to ensure all projects can meet their goals. With 10-30 new ICOs joining monthly, WeiCrowd will help build tokens that drive the Top 300 Token Volume.

WeiCrowd won’t just help with fundraising though, they will help to ensure token quality. By providing APIs and White label options to startups and using various modules they plan to propel forward not only individual ICO projects but also the WeiCrowd’s ecosystem itself and with it the value of WEIS token. 

Nuts & Bolts of WeiCrowd

 WeiCrowd has seven key modules: The WeiLauncher, The WeiFolio, The WeiCubator, The WeiX, The WeiScrow, The WeiCap and the WeiScore. Each bring different functions to the table to provide a comprehensive resource network for the WeiCrowd community. 

Here are some features the seven modules offer the WeiCrowd ecosystem:

  • portfolio management solutions
  • real-time alerts
  • hubs for developers
  • an exchange, decentralized escrow
  • a softcap fund for crowdsales only a fraction away from meeting a funding goal
  • an automated platform for managing token sales
  •  platform algorithm to ensure token quality 

To find out more information visit WeiCrowd’s ICO listing or WeiCrowd’s website.

Their sale starts April 16th. Join their Whitelist for an 80% bonus.