XRT Foundation is the future of foodservice payment. When dining out, every time patrons use their credit or debit cards, they are putting themselves at risk for identity theft or having their funds stolen. Affiliated payment processing can have high fees and introduce a new set of problems like processing issues, payment delays, or lost transactions. XRT presents the solution: a fast, accessible, and secure payment gateway with a convenient mobile app.

How does XRT work?

From food stores to restaurants to cafes, XRT platform helps to streamline the payment process securely and inexpensively. XRT token will be the currency used in place of all card or cash payments at food establishments. Through the mobile app (ZenXRT) users can then pay with XRT, as well as buy/sell and store. This convenient app will help customers maintain privacy and security when dining out.

XRT can expand beyond the restaurant industry and become the currency for all local and global commerce. They are the first in Asia to have a payment solution designed for the food and beverage world.

Users will be able to review their transaction history as they would with any other form of payment. Businesses could potentially advertise their services on the platform for users.

Token Sale Details

XRT Foundation presale starts from June 1st and ends June 30th.

Presale starts from 1st of June and ends on 30th of June. After that, the main crowdsale will be opened from July 11th to August 30th in 3 phases.

To find out more information visit XRT Foundation’s ICO Listing on Coin Clarity or XRT Foundation’s website.

Download XRT Foundation’s Token Sale Summary from here: