XYO is blockchain’s first crypto-location oracle network. They plan to decentralize the 11 trillion dollar location-reliant shipping market. XY, the company behind XYO, has already built one of the largest Bluetooth networks and GPS beacons in the world. Now, these industry experts have launched XYO Network, a trustless crypto-location protocol ecosystem to meet the globalized demands of tomorrow.

How does XYO Network work?

XY has helped consumers track their packages in real-time right from their mobile phones. So, what is the difference between XY and XYO Network? The answer is blockchain technology. XYO Network can track items from warehouse to doorstep and all locations in between just like the XY Network, but the innovation does not stop there. Once the shipment arrives, the payment to the vendor is released via an independently operating smart contract. The buyer pays upon ordering, but the funds do not go directly to the seller. They are instead held in a decentralized contract until the order fulfillment has been confirmed. The smart contract facilitates a pay-on-delivery system. Consumers no longer have to release their funds to sellers until the correct item is in their possession making for trustless e-commerce.

What does the future hold for XYO?

All of these advancements in GSP and Bluetooth tracking are only the beginning. XYO Network feels they can make their blockchain-based tracking protocol and automated pay-on-arrival the industry standard for all shipping. Now on the immediate horizon, XYO will be launching their XYO Token Generation Event. This will be the only time ever tokens will be generated and made available globally. Then XYO Tokens will be made available on exchanges and all unsold tokens will be destroyed to ensure they maintain significant value.

About XYO Network’s Token Sale

XYO’s private token Pre-sale is taking off and they invite interested parties to join their whitelist waiting list to enjoy rewards, discounts, and opportunities. Those who sign up first will be notified about the token sale openings and have access to the lowest prices first.

Main Sale Dates: 3/20/18 – 5/20/18

For more information about this crowdsale please visit XYO Network’s ICO Listing or XYO Network’s website.