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SAN JOSE: APRIL 6 2018—IDMoney’s mission is to create a new governance model and free, distributed blockchain wallet to integrate crypto and self–sovereign virtual personality to enhance local development and citizens’ empowerment. Uniquely, this model and wallet will be public, social and global: public because local governments will be implementers and owners of all results; social because local governments will use these results for socio-economic development and citizens’ empowerment, giving everyone the chance to create wealth for themselves, while 20% of crypto tokens’ value will reach directly people in poverty; global because people from across the world will collaborate to build IDMoney, setting the base for a global government community and decentralized multi-government crypto.

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20% of all created tokens are directly dedicated to fighting poverty within the 3 chosen municipalities. As token value increases so does the cash impact of this 20% donation, both to individuals and the local economy. Therefore, as a sense of ownership, innovation in governance and reliability begins to grow within these local governments, so will the socioeconomic impact of the IDMoney project. Local governments will identify the beneficiaries and IDMoney will allocate these Crypto resources directly to the people who need it the most.

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IDMoney will be the first crypto to engage forward thinking and socially conscious local governments. IDMoney will devote 18 months to selecting 3 local governments. After 36 months IDmoney will offer ownership of its shares to the 3 local municipalities that prove to be dedicated to supporting and promoting the implementation of effectual crypto legislation and economic activity. This partnership will serve as an example and learning opportunity for governments and the crypto community alike. Shares of IDM are in a trust, which is ordered to be delivered to local governments ONLY.

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The free and global Money Making Wallet Application software is open to all and unique in its ability to generate money for the user through shared personal information. Chosen local governments that embrace and promote this software, recognize the fundamental right of virtual personality and the importance of workable governance, will lend to the further success of IDMoney.


You can learn more about our project at

  • A total of 1,000,000 tokens will be offered in the presale.
  • Presale will begin JUNE 1st and continue until all presale tokens are sold.
  • 1 million tokens will be sold in consecutive batches of 100 thousand units. The following
  • presale bonuses will apply:

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