KSS introduces a consumption-based token framework that allows application developers to monetize any functional component, in any application, running on any platform. KrossCoin is an inclusion focused platform that aims to provide accessibility to all. Their model removes the adoption obstacles inherent in one-time fee and subscription licensing. This allows developers more freedom to focus on the things that really matter: application functionality.

How does KSS work?

KSS aims to create compelling user experiences and eliminate unnecessary banking relationships. By using an API interface that allows for rapid integration of monetization, while payment gateways become unnecessary as users pay for application usage with KSS tokens, while developers are paid in KSS tokens.

What is KrossCoin’s goal?

Their main goal is to create the largest decentralized app and products monetization ecosystem in the world, all running on KSS. The scope of this ecosystem is limitless and can include any and all industry from AI to Fintech to the arts. KSS aims to help decentralized e-commerce, freelance platforms, and media.

What is KSS developing right now?

The first apps utilized in the KSS Platform is the the patent pending Pipdroid app family. Pipdroid provides mobile execution and management of cloud-based (crypto) trading bots. It is the only user-launched mobile algorithm trading platform that lets traders access Metatrader by launching MQL5 Expert Advisors.

This allows for trading automation for forex, commodities, and stocks with some transactions consuming KSS. Before, automated trading required a complex technical infrastructure and monthly recurring costs in addition to an upfront bot program cost. With Pipdroid those costs are eliminated while convenience is added. Choose from over 20 brokers to run own trading algorithms, or activate one of Pipdroid’s proprietary trading bots.

How will KSS be implemented?

KSS is based on the Ethereum blockchain and using the API any application can transact. Since KSS is a decentralized, third-party monetization, there are no intermediaries allowing for rapid adoption and easy implementation. Application publishers will have immediate access to revenue via the KSS Ethereum blockchain.

Participate in KrossCoin’s CrowdSale

From March 14th 2018 – May 12th 2018 you can invest in KrossCoin.
Three Sale Phases: Phase 1 offers a 70% discount, Phase 2 60%, and Phase 3 50%.
To learn more about this crowdsale, visit KrossCoin’s ICO Listing or KrossCoin’s website.