When the biggest guy on the block (Bitcoin) is taking a little bit of a breather, it’s a good time to look at some other coins who have not moved. We’ve done this strategy before, but it’s time to look at the coins that are lagging in the entire cryptosphere. I have personally loaded up on some laggards and I am excited to see them pop.


Few charts show structural lagging and imminent popping right now like NXT. It’s got a firm and formed Cup-And-Handle formation and is soon to breakout on the daily chart.




Another laggard that is not only lagging the cryptocurrency sphere but actually underperforming in its chart structure. I wouldn’t consider this an inherent weakness, mainly because Bitpay is one of the only coins that actually has a deliverable. To me, this is a great buy entry for trading short-term and holding long term.




We talked about this guy a couple weeks ago. He has had some nice drives up that have been consistent over the last week. But it’s still in a lagging condition and is approaching it’s breakout zone as well. Clear signs of accumulation and participation lately.




A rather unknown and, if you ask me, pointless coin is this FUNBTC pair – FunFair. I really could care less about it’s authenticity, I care mostly about whether I can trade it. And, yes! We can! It’s actually in a fantastic position to experience it’s own breakout from this zone. Just a little gift in the making.