What is Mist Ethereum Browser?

mist dapp browser guideMist is the original Ethereum application browser. It is a bridge program that allows users to run Ethereum-based applications (DApps) on their computer without having to install source code or interact directly with the blockchain. Think of this as being able to use a web browser instead of reading the underlying html code that is used to build websites and web applications. Mist is also a full featured web browser, meaning you can use it to visit all your favorite websites like coinclarity.com. :p

Mist Browser Walkthrough

Since Mist was developed by the Ethereum Foundation, we will use that for a walk-through example of how to set up a bridge program. Before doing this, make sure you are already familiar with what an Ethereum wallet is, and have general knowledge of the concepts of “address” and “private key.”

1. First head over to the Mist installer download page and download Mist-installer-0-10-0.exe (in the future, this will be upgraded to 0-10-1, 0-11-0, etc.). Next, double-click the downloaded installation file to begin.

2. Click “I Agree” in the Ethereum Mist Setup: License Agreement dialogue box.

3. Select your Destination Folder for installation (we recommend using the default C:\Program Files\Mist option) and click Next.

4. Select the Destination Folder for where blockchain data will be stored (again, we recommend using the default folder C:\Users\[your user name here]\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum) and click Install.
Mist setup 1 1

5. After the setup has completed, click Close.

6. Next, double-click the Mist application shortcut in the newly-opened window. Mist will begin configuring itself on your computer. This process may be time consuming, and you will likely be stuck on this screen for some time:
Mist setup 2

7. If prompted, allow Windows Defender Firewall to communicate with both private and public networks by checking both boxes. Then, click Allow access.
Mist setup 3

8. You will now be brought to the Mist home screen. First you need to create an account by clicking Add Account in the Accounts Overview section.
Mist setup 4

9. Make sure you choose a strong account password and store it somewhere safe. After the account has been generated, you will see a popup box reminding you to make backups of your key files and password.
Mist setup 5

10. Click OK to proceed. You will be brought back to the home screen. You will notice that you now have an account, titled Account 1 by default. Under your ether balance (0.0), you will see your Ethereum wallet address for your Mist account (beginning with the characters “0x…”). Be sure to store this address in another place for your future reference.

11. Now you are ready to load a DApp homepage. Mist works just like any other web browser, except that your Ethereum address and private key are connected to it and ready to be deployed for purposes of DApp interaction. Because this renders this information accessible, you will not want to visit any websites using the Mist browser that you do not trust. For the purposes of this guide, we will be loading a game DApp called Space War. Simply copy and paste the homepage URL into the address bar at the top of the screen, like any other web browser.
Mist setup 6 1

12. Next, connect your Ethereum account to the DApp by clicking Connect, to the right of the address bar.
Mist setup 7 1

13. You will notice that the word “Connect” has been replaced with your Mist account security icon. (Note that if you have problems connecting your account, you may need to close and restart Mist entirely – this is an occasional bug within the Mist software.) Your Ether address is now connected to the DApp, and you are ready to begin playing Space War.

Now that you’re all set up to use Mist Browser, browse all Ethereum DApps.