May 6th is one of the few specific days that Gann called out as extremely important. This also correlates to a particular angle in the Square of 9 and a particular day count. This is a confluence zone of some major time cycles.

Gann said this about May 6th:

May 6th – 46 days from March 21st, equal to a 135-degree angle, watch for important changes

Consequently, the 6th of May is also 139 days from the all-time high, so we’re right within the 135-day Gann day count. Gann said this about the 135-day count:

  • Can be the last low, or, more typically, a lower low which ends a bottoming pattern.
  • If a high was found at 90 days, then 135 would also be 45 days from a high (vice versa)
  • Always watch for a change in trends
  • Fast moves can start
  • Can go low to lower or high to higher

On top of all of that, we have this chart showing a collection of important events.


  1. The green vertical line represents a synodic cycle of Mars and Saturn. These beginning/end zones generally indicate a rise in Bitcoin’s price until the very top of the cycle, before drifting back down.
  2. The gray box represents retrograde Saturn, in the entire history of Bitcoin, 90% of all the retrograde Saturn patterns have yielded higher prices
  3. A full moon started last week, indicated a bias for higher prices.
  4. The red wavy line represents a harmonic of the GPL (Gann Planetary Line) of Mars, observe how it has acted as support and resistance and is nearing a breakout of that level very soon.