Want to get a glimpse of which crypto casinos tend to receive the highest overall ratings across multiple casino review sites? In this article, we break down the results to help you get an idea of who is most worthy of your coin.

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Which Crypto Casinos Are the Most Trusted and Best Reviewed?


Today we’re doing something a bit different: comparing the ratings of 10 different, highly-trafficked crypto casinos across 5 different websites. These casinos are all well-established and have been leaders in the industry for anywhere between 3-6 years.

It’s not easy to get a handle on how all the different review sites out there operate: some are very thorough in their summaries, performing their own analyses while also combining user feedback, while others are there simply to leave referral links and quite often end up giving 5 out of 5 stars to every casino.

For our review we took a few things into consideration:

  • how well-known or trusted is each review site,
  • what criteria do they examine before leaving a rating, and
  • to what degree do they rely on user ratings/experience to generate their scores?

Each website has a different manner of how they compile their rating and what scale they use to present it. Some websites have a star or points system up to 5 or 10 stars/points; others use a percentile system (0-100% favorability rating). We have converted all ratings to a percentile system. For example: 3 out of 5 stars would be counted as 60%, 7 out of 10 points would be counted as 70%, etc.

In general, crypto casino review sites tend to consider the following criteria when generating their rating scores:

  • game selection
  • deposit/withdrawal processing speed
  • customer support
  • quality of bonuses
  • rating from players
  • license possession
  • general trustworthiness

One review site in particular that we happen to think is very trustworthy is Bitcointalk, Satoshi’s original Bitcoin forum. This is because the website itself never collects money from referral links and is totally based on player experience. Since Bitcointalk does offer actual casino ratings, we have taken the summation of their “Default Trust” score. This means that only positive and negative feedbacks from trustworthy members are included in the percentage score we calculated for each casino.

Sites like AskGamblers have 2 scores: one generated by themselves, and one generated by the collective opinions of those contributing reviews to their website. In this case, we are using the latter category, as we find user reviews to be a more honest indicator of a casino’s trustworthiness. Additionally, not every review site lists every casino, so we have limited the casinos included to those who appear on at least 4 of the 5 referenced review sites.

Without further ado, here are the results, with each rating site’s percentage (the higher the percentage the better / more trustworthy the casino), along with its averaged score, in the right column (click on the casino name to find out more about it):

Casino NameBitcoin ForumAsk GamblersThe Bitcoin StripBest Bitcoin CasinoBest Bitcoin SlotsComposite Average
mBit Casino50%88%95%61%N/A74%


*1xBet is not linked or sponsored by Coin Clarity, as it has been blacklisted by multiple review sites, and is the only casino to have received a failing grade, as well.

For regular readers of our articles at Coin Clarity, it will come as no surprise to you that FortuneJack sits at the top of the list, with an average review rating of 90%. We regularly extol the virtues of FortuneJack on this website, which has cemented itself as a favorite among players by doing a number of things consistently well.

  1. They know how to treat their customers, offering excellent customer service, prompt withdrawal processing speeds, and sizeable bonuses that keep players happy.
  2. They offer an utterly amazing selection of games, including hundreds of the latest slots games (including the most recent video and 3D slots), table games, live casino games, and even a fully-stocked sportsbook.
  3. They are a very trustworthy operation, always working with the customer to resolve outstanding funding issues, and never allowing themselves to get hacked. They understand that good business practices make for the best business.

We can confidently recommend FortuneJack more than any other crypto casino, and we are not alone in our pronouncement: several other crypto casino websites feel similarly about them, including those whose ratings are developed purely by the players. In short, there is perhaps no finer organization more worthy of the trust of your business than FortuneJack.

Click here to get started playing at FortuneJack today.

We of course confidently recommend the remainder of the selections on our list (with the exception of the last) — and these recommendations are based on our own positive experiences in dealing with these particular casinos.

Though FortuneJack has an amazing selection, you may be looking for a casino that supports alternate cryptocurrency deposit options (in which case you might want to check crypto-games.net), lower deposit and withdrawal minimums (BetChain is great for that), or a site that is more dedicated to the provision of a sportsbook (that being the specialty of OneHash).

Wherever you end up going, be sure to take a look at all the ins-and-outs of the site on our dedicated casinos page. Here you can not only filter casinos by different criteria but take a look at their bonuses, supported coins list, and potential geographic restrictions, among several others. While we currently have over 100 different casinos listed, you are now armed with some extra knowledge about how professionals and players across the internet feel about these 10.