There are a plethora of long signals ahead in the majority of major cryptos and altcoins. If you ever have difficulty detecting if a trend has changed, look no further than this one signal in the Ichimoku Kinko Hiyo system: Lagging Span closes above the Cloud (or below for bearish).




NANO shows a nice breakout soon on the daily chart and the 4-hour chart. The 4 hour is the chart we are looking at. The signal we want is for price to close above the Base Line at 0.003814, this is also where the Lagging Span would close above the cloud.

Entry: 0.0003814




ADA has a good entry at it’s present value area on the 1-hour chart. However, it’s the 4-hour chart that needs to be looked at. Price is holding within the cloud and looks to be finding support at the bottom of the cloud. One of the strategies of the Ichimoku system we reviewed from Manesh Patel involved taking trades below the cloud only if Span A is pointing up, price is above both the Conversion and the Base lines and the Lagging Span above price and ‘in the open’. Pro news info: Cardano has 9-figure revenue. A close at 0.00001081 would fulfill those requirements.

Entry: 0.00001081



XLM is something I consider something if a sleeping dragon. It is fundamentally strong and has a working relationship with IBM – kind of a big deal. However, the Ichimoku chart is a little ugly on the daily, 4-hour and 1-hour. For me, it is entirely risk to risky to miss an entry as opposed to waiting for the best entry, which would be below at 0.000032. A break of the 4-hour high is sufficient.

Entry: 0.00003295



Monero has a great looking daily chart because it shows a fantastically bullish daily candle inside a thick cloud. The Lagging Span is also above the Conversion Line, Base Line and price. Additionally, the cloud directly above the Lagging Span is thin. A break above the daily high for XMR is my entry.

Entry: 111.95




Looking at one of the big guys on the block, Ethereum is also showing some bullish reversal signs. On the 4-hour chart, Ethreum is above the cloud, but the Lagging Span is right up against the bottom of the cloud. My entry target is when the Lagging Span and price can cross above the Base Line level of 209.86, but also above the prior high of 214.87.

Entry: 215.05