The gaming market has grown exponentially over the years, with PC games remaining a large part of the industry.  With the number of computer gamers constantly on the rise, investors have started to research ways in which this industry can be harnessed for further profitability.

A senior research analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co., Colin Sebastian, shares this information, “More people are playing games every day and spending more money on games, unlike almost every other form of media, where there’s downward pressure. Games are still a growing industry and [they’re] becoming more dynamic… Video games should be near the top of the lists of investors”.

Therefore, it only makes sense to consider how blockchain technology can enter the gaming picture. The idea for combining blockchain and gaming has been in the forefront for many companies, and Game Machine is one of the first companies to move forward with it.  Its project can be described as a transparent ecosystem that utilizes all areas of the industry, from players to developers and investors. It provides in-game items to players, delivers the platform for developers to present games to an audience, gives space and tools to advertisers, and helps investors to determine a worthy project more easily.

Game Machine offers a crowd funding platform, which shares a large amount of analytics data and ratings from participating gamers. It provides people with an option to make secure contributions towards the creation of profitable products. The program shares all the statistics, and displays how many users are interested in certain ideas that developers are trying to create.

Game Machine is already a functioning product, and the team behind it is constantly working to improve it. Its first token sale has garnered $1,650,000 so far, and is still active. Game Machine Client tokens have been receiving praise from several experts who believe that Game Machine will revolutionize the global gaming industry in the future.

According to the company, the initial token sale will end on January 31st of this year. At the conclusion of the sale, token holders can sell them to gamers and developers for a better price, or invest in projects in Game Machine.