SEATTLE: MARCH 29 2018—The cryptocurrency and blockchain space represents the future of democratized global currency, as well as a hub for innovative technology across all industries. In its current state, with over 1300 tokens in the market and a non-intuitive entry process, the opportunities remain inaccessible for many prospective investors. Harvard graduate, James Nitze alongside Co-Founder Robert Karpel, have created an innovative method for investors to gain access to the new cryptocurrency asset class with confidence. Those who have waited on the sidelines for their opportunity, now have a second chance through PentaCore.

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On April 9th, PentaCore will launch the token sale for their first product, PentaFund. During this 30 day period, investors can purchase PENT Tokens that represent proportional ownership of PentaFund – a tokenized hedge fund. PentaFund will be actively managed by a team of proven asset-managers, backed by experienced cryptocurrency traders and analysts. All funds raised in the token sale, net of fees, will then be directly invested in a portfolio of crypto-assets. The fund management team has a combined 40 years experience in both hedge fund and asset management.

Transparency of a fund’s holdings in the hedge fund world is often nonexistent, or minimal at best, to its investors. White papers are long, dense and full of technical jargon that often confuse more than enlighten. The PentaView investor platform was created as an intuitive, comprehensive application to eliminate these obstacles. PentaView allows investors to gain valuable insight into PentaFund performance, holdings, and strategy through a user-friendly interface. PentaCore is on a mission to educate and inform their investors through regular blog posts, targeted FAQ, and insightful Q&A sessions. PentaCore strives to make a positive contribution to industry transparency and the empowerment of investors on a global scale.

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