If these aren’t market bottoms we’re sitting in, then the risk isn’t bad. In fact, for me, this risk is just fine – there’s a lot more of a ceiling up ahead than a basement.



Willing to violate the Ichimoku entry rules here and take a long based on a break of the short-term downtrend line. Should bring price into the clouds and setup the Lagging Span to cross above price.

My entry price: 0.0005



One of the ‘Coinbase 5’ as I call them – named because they have publically identified by Coinbase as coins they are looking at adding to their platform. Also looking at an entry above the downtrend line. This would put price above the Base Line as well.

My entry price: 0.0000906




This is one hell of a sexy EOS chart. Very obvious bull flag formed which is also coinciding with great entry conditions within the Ichimoku system. Strong breakout probable here at these levels.

My entry price: 5.10




Bitcoin Gold has been one heck of a source of stability among whipsaws and crashes in the cryptocurrency world lately. It’s already showing a tiny hint of breakout out of a bull flag, but I want to wait for it to break the most recent swing high of 19.71.

My entry price: 19.80




Oh Cardano, my love. You’ve been treated badly. But rising from the doldrums makes you stronger. And this is a great entry. Stupidly overdone and cheaper than cheap. Cardano is one of the Coinbase 5 and a top 10 market cap coin and the only near-release 3rd generation blockchain. It’s gonna be awesome for late 2018 and into 2019.

My entry price: 0.0000118




One of my other great loves, Litecoin. Not surprisingly, there’s a bull flag pattern here which shows a strong confluence entry zone with the Ichimoku system. Willing to disregard the Lagging Span here and wait just for price to cross above the cloud, which is also above the most recent swing high.

My entry price: 55.17


Disclaimer: I am long OMG, BTC, ETH, ETC, ZRX, BAT, LTC, EOS, ADA, NANO, XLM