It’s a confusing and confounding zone here for Bitcoin. This really continues the analysis from yesterday, especially in regards to the bottom of the Cloud in the Ichimoku system – but it shows conflict with the massive confluence zone of bullish astronomical data.




The daily chart for the Ichimoku system is one of my personal favorites to trade in any market – mainly due to it’s powerful and early signals that can coincide with faster changes on the 4-hour and 8-hour charts. More importantly, the Ichimoku system is a genius and supremely effective tool at trend analysis – especially in regards to prior price behavior. As I was writing in my trading journal and wrote about the proximity of Bitcoin’s price to the bottom of the daily cloud, I wondered when the last time we saw the Chikou Span and price both above the cloud to trigger a bullish breakout move. The answer?


October 7th, 2017


What is equally interesting is the number of days. If we count the number of days from October 7th, 2018 (the one-year anniversary of the prior daily breakout condition), we get 98-days. Gann wrote about the 90-day cycle being the most important one of the inner year. Of course, he was writing about the number of days form an important high or low, but I’ve found that it is equally important from specific anniversary dates. He also wrote that after a powerful and sustained move, the 90-day cycle can go to 99-days. If on that next day we see Bitcoin continue to maintain the 4000 value area, that would put price inside the Cloud and in a very ideal setup for a bullish move.

There is also a massive amount of important, powerful and numerous astronomical data that has converged into a small timeframe. These are all bullish in nature and have been indicated by the black vertical lines. The names and dates of that data are below:


Sun Conjunct Pluto – January 9th – January 13th

Saturn Conjunct Sun – December 30th – January 4th

Mars Conjunct Uranus – December 10th – December 17th (exact Dec 13th)

New Moon – Jan 5th

Moon Apogee – Jan 9th

Pluto Aphelion – Jan 13th

Saturn Aphelion – Jan 1st

Sun Perihelion – Jan 2nd

Solar Eclipse – January 5th

Uranus Retrograde – ends January 6th


What does this mean? It’s a conflicting and difficult combination of analysis, especially for forecasting. The sheer amount of astronomical data that appear near this 386-day bear move is one that has an extremely high probability of reversing the current trend. But that data is a conflict with the present position of Bitcoin on the daily Ichimoku chart. The trend for Bitcoin has certainly been a downtrend and every time we have observed Bitcoin approach or trade near the Cloud, prices collapse. Bitcoin approach or touching the bottom of the cloud has now occurred 9 times since the all-time high on December 17th, 2017. And we also should be aware that this is the 10-year anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto announcing the Bitcoin network. There is really only one price behavior I see happening at this present value area and that one is of a big move away from the bottom of the Cloud. It would be odd for price to just drift and consolidate at this level.