Important anniversary and time cycle dates coming up for Bitcoin. These time periods can indicate imminent changes and terminate trends.


Cycles of the Inner Year

Time and Astronomical Confluence Zone

Time and Astronomical Confluence Zone

WD Gann wrote extensively on the topic of time cycles and the importance of using time as the primary factor for determining movements in markets. Some of these dates are seasonal, while others are cyclical. There is a substantial collection of these dates occurring over the next thirteen days. The following are some of these critical dates and cycles that culminate in Bitcoin.

December 15th: December 15th is the one-year anniversary of the 2018 bear market low. Gann wrote that anniversary dates from extreme highs and lows should be monitored for significant changes in the future. Look at any market and you will see that critical highs and lows often repeat from historical major highs and lows.

December 22nd: Gann seasonal date. Winter starts. Gann wrote that when there are lows found around December 22nd, a January rise usually follows and often culminates around the 3rd or 7th of January, but in some years, it can extend to January 20th or January 21st. December 22nd is also the 270-degree (South) Square of 9 angles. The prices that appear on this angle are $5,929, $13,456, $26,569, and $46,524.

December 23rd: December 23rd is 180-days from the 2019 high on June 26th, 2019. You may find this interesting, but the June 26th, 2019 top was near the key Gann seasonal date of June 21st. The 180-day cycle is a crucial one. Gann wrote that the 180-day cycle is the next most important cycle after the 90-day and is viewed the same as the 90-day cycle – meaning they share the same characteristics. Some of those characteristics are the following:

  • High probability of support or resistance being found.
  • 180-days up or down will usually start a countertrend movement or reverse the trend.
  • 180-days from all significant highs or low must be watched for trend changes.
  • Against extreme momentum or pitch, the cycle can extend to 198-days.

In addition to the cycles above, there is a massive amount of astronomical cycles that occur on December 26th, 2019:

  • Mars in Scorpio – The last time Mars moved into Scorpio, Bitcoin found the low of the flash crash in February 2018. The other three times, Mars has entered Scorpio in Bitcoin’s history; it has always preceded a rise in Bitcoin’s value.
  • Jupiter is Aphelion.
  • Venus Max South Latitude.
  • Solar Eclipse.
  • New Moon.



If you read any of Gann’s work, you will learn that when a collection of time cycles occurs around a specific date, then we can expect an extremely high degree of price action changes. This has been confirmed by a number of the industries leading Gann experts (Brown, Pesavento, Mikula). These time cycles create a source of resistance in time to the trend in force – meaning that the current downtrend that has lasted for nearly 180-days will be coming to an end. We should expect to see some dramatic price changes the closer we get to Christmas.