Bitcoin at a new top?

  • This article expands on yesterday’s analysis of a probable top incoming on Bitcoin’s current bullish move.
  • Combination of Financial Analysis and Gann Analysis.


Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology is a kind of ‘bad’ name for what it really is. Financial Astrology is primarily the utilization of the science of astronomy rather than the practice of astrology. Very simply, Financial Astrology is the study of human behavior during specific astronomical time periods. And I think it is important to understand that astronomical cycles are fixed – like the rising and the setting of the sun – they are easily predictable. What is truly fascinating is the occurrence at which markets find major swing highs and lows in conjunction (pun not intended) with astronomical events. Look at the image below:



The vertical lines on the image above represent when Venus crosses into Gemini. Gemini is the name given to the area in the sky that represents the degrees from 60 to 90. In Financial Astrology, we retain the astrological nomenclature to identify positions in the sky – this is a tradition and, for some reason, makes it easier to identify ‘where’ something is in the sky than just the angles. Back to the vertical lines. For whatever reason, Bitcoin seems to have some major/minor swing high or swing low that occurs on or around the time Venus enters Gemini. This isn’t up to interpretation; this is purely an objective fact: important swing highs and lows in Bitcoin occur in high frequency when Venus enters Gemini. But that isn’t the only astronomical cycle is present. June 26th, 2019 is when Venus next enters Gemini.


72-degree of Venus



Every 72-degrees of Venus (72, 144, 216, 288, 360) create powerful swing possibilities in Bitcoin. Again, there are some very powerful signals present on the chart above. Observe how many swing highs and swing lows occur nearly right on these dates. It’s truly fascinating. The last division of 72-degrees was back on June 23rd, 2019 and occurs on the 216-degree angle – and which has even more regular swing highs and lows associated with it.


Venus Quintile Neptune



Quintile is five equal groups of 5 (just like 72-degrees of Venus). There is a particular angular relationship (called aspects) between Venus and Neptune that occurs before major moves. The vertical lines on the chart above represent when Venus is Quintile to Neptune. June 24th, 2019 is when this occurs, and Venus will exit this aspect on June 25th.


Triple Octave Time Support and Resistance



I believe that some of the most important and profound works regarding Gann’s discoveries have been done by the great analyst, trader, and author, Tony Plummer. His first book The Law of Vibration: The Revelations of William Delbert Gann and his follow-up book The Life Cycle Hypothesis is astonishing. It was so profound that one of the most respected and powerful charting platforms, Optuma, implemented several Plummer’s methods into indicators on their platform. One of these indicators is shown in the image above. Without revealing the time cycle used, time cycles can be measured using musical harmonic ratios. The final inner harmonic of ‘Me’ occurs on the 27th of June. This inner harmonic operates as a powerful source of resistance in time to the trend in force.

Putting it all together.

                Let’s review the specific dates and the events that occur around this new 2019 swing high of $11,300:

June 25th – Venus Quintile Neptune

June 23rd – Venus 216 Degrees

June 26th – Venus In Gemini

July 3rd – New Moon

                This is all occurring just before the key Gann Seasonal dates of July 3rd – July 7th. When we combine the fact that Bitcoin is within the final extremes of a 180-day Gann Cycle we get a powerful case for a major swing top to be found in Bitcoin very soon.