Cardano’s swing structure has been maintained. The next swing is the largest major swing.

Cardano’s Mirrored Foldback (augmented) pattern



The chart above shows a series of black and blue vertical lines with some green zig-zagging lines. I have augmented the mirrored foldback pattern to display just the swings instead of the literal swing patterns themselves. The dark blue vertical line represents the end and start of the foldback pattern. In a mirrored foldback pattern, the behavior that we anticipate seeing is that the same kind of swing structure repeats itself. On this chart, the swing structure that occurs before the thicker blue vertical line should, theoretically, be similar in structure. I drew out the swings above the price chart which is represented by the green zig-zags. The horizontal lines represent the end/beginning of a swing.

Cardano’s (ADA) mirrored foldback pattern is one of the most consistent and predictable foldback patterns I’ve analyzed. In fact, a great number of cryptocurrencies have a staggeringly respected foldback pattern. The thick green diagonal lines at the beginning and end of the foldback pattern indicate the next major swing. The first thick green angle comes off of the major swing lower that Cardano experience from May 4th, 2018 to July 1st, 2018. Price moved from a high of $0.37 to $0.11. Now, there are some swings within that period, but I didn’t draw them out – I merely wanted to call attention to the next major swing. The question is: how high will Cardano (ADA) go? It would be awesome if Cardano would move from the $0.07 value area all the way to $0.37 – that would be a little over a 425% gain. But a proportional move to $0.26 would be reachable. $0.26 is the final octave in the current structure. Cardano (ADA) needs to move through four major harmonic levels before tackling the 0.26 level: Fa at 0.0974, So at 0.1381, La at 0.1786 and Ti at 0.2295.

Given that Cardano (ADA) has spent the majority of the past 100 days trading between the Major Harmonics of Me (0.771) and Fa (0.0974), there is a major squeeze going on. We can and should expect a massive move above 0.0974 when that happens. In fact, the length and consistency of this consolidation between Me and Fa ensure that any breakout will not only be stronger but more sustained. So when would Cardano hit the final Major Harmonic of Do at 0.26? If we measure the last major swing high on April 28th, 2018 to where we begin/end the foldback pattern on January 10th, 2019 – we get roughly 256 trading days (which is crazy because using the musical harmonic structure we start at middle C which vibrates at roughly 256). If we measure out 256-days from the start of the foldback pattern we come to September 23rd, 2019. This is also crazy because September 22nd is one of the most important dates that Gann wrote about. He wrote that trends often culminate around those dates and then reverse. Given that Cardano has spent almost 550-days in a bear market, I wouldn’t anticipate Cardano being at a major or new swing low on September 23rd, 2019 – I would expect it to trade up +271% to 0.26.