THE DUKE GROUP ARCHIPELAGO: MARCH 1 2018 —As a result of their dependence on stronger neighbouring countries, the majority of enclaves worldwide have limited sovereignty. However, small states around the world are often established on different islands, with full independence.

There are a few Caribbean islands used as safe havens for the rich, but available islands are virtually impossible to find these days. Thus, the core development team associated with Privelege Coin need to purchase their own.

Privelege Coin (XPV) Analysis What is Privelege Coin (XPV) all about?

Privelege Coin is planning to purchase its own island in order to create a tax-free safe haven, after raising money from the Privelege ICO sale.

What does Privelege Coin (XPV) aim to be?

The main goal of this project is to purchase an island and then develop a tourist sport resort. The island will be ecologically friendly. The overriding task of the core development team associated with this project is to establish a sovereign micronation, tranquillity for all the users, and an oasis of normality. Individuals will be able to run their business as in other tax havens. Regardless of the business location, the development team will implement restrictions on tax residency and income tax.

Why is Privelege Coin (XPV) a good project?

XPV tokens will act as a member share in the micronation. It will allow the token holder to sit on the advisory board and they will be able to guide the development of the Kingdom of Privelege.

Benefits of purchasing Privelege Coins


This token (similar to Kelta, Datarius, StarLight, DMine, SprintX, Aktie Social, PodOne) is built on Ethereum blockchain technology that guarantees the security of the transaction.


By extending medium and long-term credit lines to eligible financial institutions in member countries, the bank supports the development of mortgage finance markets.


This token will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Investors will be able to buy, sell, or trade this cryptocurrency in a hassle-free manner.


The total number of XPV tokens will be predetermined. No new tokens will be created in the future, which make this cryptocurrency highly stable.


Users will be able to pay for services offered by the kingdom and its citizens by using this cryptocurrency.

Built on ETH

Cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology is used by the development team behind this project. The use of the advanced blockchain (such as Mango Start Ups, Gamblica, Alttex, THEFANDOME, PAYSURA, KickCity, Amon) technology guarantees access to the latest development opportunity to the core development team.

What is Privelege Coin’s new innovation?

Identity and Reputation Systems

A Namecoin-like name registration system will be provided by the development team on Privelege Coin. A simple, function clause contract will be available for the user.

Simple smart contract

This is database inside the Privelege Coin network that can be added to but not removed or modified.

Function clause smart contract

This sophisticated contract will allow other contracts to query in this contract as well as a mechanism for the owner to change the data or transfer ownership. In this contract, one can add web-of trust functionality and reputation on top.

Decentralized file storage

The smart contract allows for the development of a decentralized file storage ecosystem. In this ecosystem, the users can earn small quantities of money by renting out their hard drives. In addition, the users will earn money by renting unused space to further drive down the costs of file storage.

Decentralized autonomous organization

The smart contracts are a decentralized autonomous organization. In this concept, the virtual entity with more than 67% shareholders or members has the right to spend the funds and modify it codes of the project’s entity. The members of this project will collectively decide on the allocation of funds collected through the token sale of this project. In addition, they will decide on the methods of allocation of funds collected through the initial coin offering. They will be able to decide from bounties, salaries to reward work and internal work.

XPV token price and token sale

The Kingdom of Privelege will have its own currency just like the Dominican Republic has Dominican Pesos. XPV will be used to pay for services and goods in the Kingdom of Privelege. In addition, this cryptocurrency will be used to pay taxes in the Kingdom of Privelege. It will be used for renting land and purchasing goods in the safe haven. This token will be supported by all cryptocurrency wallets and applications related to this cryptocurrency.

XPV Token details:

• XPV ICO token start date: February 15, 2018.

• XPV ICO token end date: April 10, 2018.

• Mode of payment accepted: USD and ETH.

• Platform: Ethereum.

• Token name: XPV.

• Minimum investment: USD99.

• 1 XPV token can be purchased by paying 0.25$

• The total number of tokens issued during the ICO sale will be 2,500,000,000.

• Soft cap: 2,500 BTC.

• Hard cap: 10,000 BTC.

The team behind Privelege Coin

Just like other popular ICO tokens, this project also relies on a team of experienced and qualified professionals. The core development team associated with project consist of

• Kamil Stasica, CEO, Pioneer of Kingdom of Privelege.

• Anna Surma, Developer of Kingdom of Privelege.


Privelege Coin plans to purchase an island of its own to create a tax-free haven. Based on the blockchain and smart contracts, this cryptocurrency will be used to pay all goods on this platform.

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