Curtis Jackson, better known as Rapper 50 Cent, appears to have just become aware of a small fortune he has managed to amass after being one of the first musicians to take Bitcoin payments back in 2014.

First reported by TMZ, it appears 50 Cent never looked at his Bitcoin holdings till recently, and was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. When his album, Animal Ambition, was released in June of 2014, the rapper received close to 700 Bitcoins from his album sales.

At the time when his album was released, Bitcoin was valued at $657. Therefore, if recent shared information is correct, he made $460,000 in Bitcoin payments.

Today, that exact amount of Bitcoin is valued at $7,770,000, a nice little profit.

In a recent Instagram post, 50 Cent shared this statement, “Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I’m so proud of me.”

That initial statement was proceeded with him admitting that he had completely forgotten about having made that decision to accept Bitcoin, saying this, “I’m a keep it real I forgot I did that shit. Lol.”

Back in 2015, the rapper filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  He restructured his finances and agreed to a five-year payment plan to take care of $23 million that he owed. Last year, he was actually able to pay off the loan early, after he got money from a settlement.

Although the rapper appears to have randomly earned his millions in the digital currency, he fully supports the concept of cryptocurrency and believes in what it stands for. In another post on Instagram, he shared that he believed all money is good money.