Bar-Son James, better known by his performer name, “Young Dirty,” has announced he is launching a new digital currency.

James, who is the son of the late music artist and Wu-Tang Clan member, “Ol’ Dirty Bastard,” will be the face of the new cryptocurrency.  The token will be called, “Dirty Coin,” a clever name considering who is involved. The token is made possible through a partnership between the Ol’ Dirty estate and Link Media Partners, which is an entertainment industry company.

Dirty Coin (ODB) will run off the TAO blockchain network and is scheduled to be traded on the AltMarket exchange after the coin goes live later in the year. It will be an interesting launch, considering last year’s slew of celebrity-endorsed ICOs – and the subsequent warning from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that their endorsements may go against “anti-touting” laws.

Dirty Coin’s focus will be to act as a funding base for the upcoming Young Dirty album, as well as an avenue for fans to access shows and buy merchandise. People will be able to use Dirty Coin to buy merchandise tied to the late rapper as well.

“If fans basically bought a Dirty Coin before the concert, they have a better chance of getting in, probably for the price of nothing. So it’s a big opportunity for our fans,” Young Dirty said in an interview.

Young Dirty has shared that he feels the project may entice other performance artists to take a better look at cryptocurrency, which he has described as, “the biggest thing known to man.”

“When other artists get involved, I think there’s gonna be a chain reaction,” he has stated.

An exact date for the launch has not been announced yet, but Dirty Coin is expected to be sold in an “initial artist offering” sometime this summer.

“Music thrives creatively and financially when it’s in the hands of the artist themselves. By removing the price tag of experimentation, we’re able to deliver for both the artist and their fans,” explains Bryce Weiner, the CEO of AltMarket.