THORChain (RUNE) is a decentralized liquidity network and DeFi platform that allows users to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies instantly without using a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to being used as a DeFi coin, RUNE can be used to bet on crypto casinos that accept altcoins.

Read on for tips and tricks to get started playing online casino games with THORChain.

Latest THORChain Bonuses and Promotions

THORChain casino sites, like other cryptocurrency casino sites, offer bonuses similar to those found on traditional fiat currency casino sites. However, one significant distinction between the two is that RUNE casino sites often provide considerably more competitive special promotions, welcome bonuses, and deposit bonuses.

The following are some of the most popular THORChain casino bonuses and promotions:

  • Matched deposit bonuses: This type of bonus applies a certain percentage — generally 100% — to a bettor’s first deposit at a casino site. For example, a $500 deposit with this promotion will result in $500 worth of bonus credits being added to the account balance
  • Cash bonuses: Rather than applying a percentage bonus, many sites provide a simple set amount of cash as a welcome bonus, such as a $200 first deposit bonus. Some websites also provide cash bonuses in exchange for VIP rewards.
  • Reload bonuses: These bonuses apply to regular deposits, as well as the second and third deposits made to an account, and can include smaller cash bonuses, free bets, or matched deposit bonuses.
  • Free spins: RUNE slots free spins and RUNE roulette free spins are two of the most popular promotions on RUNE casinos.

Using special promotion codes on crypto casino sites can sometimes result in considerable increases in first deposit amounts and other benefits. Coin Clarity lists casino sites that accept THORChain, as well as any active promo codes or bonus codes at the top of this article.

Best THORChain Casino Sites

How to deposit THORChain at Online Casinos

The difficulty of depositing your RUNE on a cryptocurrency casino site varies depending on whether the site you want to bet on allows RUNE deposits. If your casino site directly accepts RUNE, all you’ll need is your RUNE wallet address on the site where you want to play.

To make a withdrawal from the exchange you purchased your RUNE from, or when making a new transaction from your RUNE wallet, copy your wallet address and paste it into the destination field. Your RUNE should arrive on your betting site in less than 40 minutes after you hit send.

If you prefer to play casino games on sites that don’t accept RUNE deposits, it’s possible for you to trade RUNE using the swap feature on decentralized THORChain-powered trading platforms. If you want to bet RUNE that is generated by staking crypto assets in the THORChain ecosystem, you can swap it for ETH or BTC on Binance US or other exchanges, then deposit your crypto on a crypto casino site.

How do THORChain Casino Withdrawals Work?

Where to Play THORChain Casino Games RUNE

Transactions on the THORChain are relatively straightforward – much like any other ERC-20 token, transferring RUNE from one wallet to another simply requires a wallet address. If you bet on a site that allows RUNE deposits and withdrawals, you’ll only need to provide your casino site with a RUNE wallet address to which you’d like to receive your winnings.

If you’ve exchanged your RUNE for another asset in order to deposit it on a casino site and want to trade your winnings back into RUNE, you’ll need to withdraw the asset you traded it for from your casino site to a crypto exchange platform such as Binance US or, then trade it for RUNE.

If you want to store your RUNE and use it to bet later, it’s best to look into a dedicated crypto wallet.

What THORChain Casino Games Can I Play?

The variety of casino games you’ll find on a cryptocurrency casino that accepts RUNE are similar to those available on traditional fiat currency casino sites.

Some of the provably fair games that users can be played with RUNE on crypto casinos include:

  • Blackjack
    • Classic blackjack
    • European blackjack
  • Poker
    • Texas Hold ‘Em
    • Omaha
  • Roulette
    • Monopoly Roulette
    • Double Ball Roulette

RUNE casino sites have a varied lineup of slot games, including 3D slots, video slots, and progressive jackpot slots. RUNE Texas Hold ’em and stud poker are both widely accessible, as are blackjack and both European and American roulette.

The majority of RUNE casino sites will host regular tournaments when it comes to poker or blackjack, with many of the tournaments offering freerolls as a deposit or welcome bonus. The most significant difference between traditional fiat currency casino sites and crypto casino sites is the availability of an instant withdrawal. 

Using THORChain to Bet Online: What You Need to Know

How to Play THORChain Casino Games

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, THORChain and the RUNE token aren’t designed to be used as a payment system. RUNE is mostly used as part of the THORChain decentralized liquidity network, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other purposes, such as online casinos.

Depending on the chosen casino site, users may be able to deposit RUNE directly, or they may need to trade RUNE for another crypto first; however, there are a few distinctions between RUNE and major mainstream cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies that are worth taking note of before you get started with RUNE casinos:

  • Anonymity: Unlike Monero (XMR) or Zcash (ZEC), THORChain doesn’t provide users with completely anonymous transactions. Your account may be linked to transactions from exchanges that have completed the identity verification process.
  • Security: RUNE is a complex cryptocurrency, but it follows the same principles as any other blockchain — once a THORChain transaction is sent, it can’t be reversed. Always deposit your RUNE on trusted and reputable casino sites and crypto exchanges, and whenever possible, enable additional security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure the safety of your funds
  • KYC requirements: KYC-free or anonymous casino games are available at several crypto casino sites that accept altcoins such as THORChain. Sites that are required to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations may be required to collect user details before they can payout on significant withdrawal requests

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are THORChain casino sites safe?
A: In terms of payment speed, reviews, and support, cryptocurrency casino sites that accept altcoins such as RUNE are rated on the same safety factors as traditional sites, determining security and reliability. You can find a list of the safest THORChain casino sites in the table at the top of this article. 

Q: Is there a minimum deposit for THORChain casino sites?
A: In most circumstances, there are no minimum deposit restrictions for RUNE casino, while maximum deposit amounts for a single deposit transaction can range from $5000 to $10000. Sites that give first-time deposit bonuses, on the other hand, usually need a minimum deposit of $10 to $50.

Choosing the Best THORChain Casino

THORChain Casino Bonuses and Promotions

RUNE is an altcoin that isn’t as widely accepted by crypto casinos as major cryptos like Bitcoin, but the platforms that do accept RUNE as a payment option provide a variety of features and benefits. Before making a deposit, It’s important to make sure that the RUNE casino you sign up for provides the features and games that you’re looking for.

Before playing crypto casino games, you should research the availability of dedicated smartphone apps or mobile web versions, any betting or wagering restrictions, KYC requirements, and the variety of casino games and action available.

Check the following features before depositing your THORChain at a crypto casino site:

  • Customer support: Depending on the site, some sites might offer 24/7 live chat support in addition to email support
  • Payout speed: It’s best to choose sites that offer instant withdrawals on your casino winnings. You can find a list of the fastest paying crypto casino sites at the table at the top of this article
  • Live THORChain casino games: if you are planning on playing live RUNE casino games, make sure that they are available before depositing
  • Bonuses and promos: Some websites provide competitive bonuses and promotions in addition to exclusive promos and bonus codes

How to Buy THORChain

If you don’t use the THORChain decentralized liquidity network to generate RUNE by staking, you’ll need to buy or trade for RUNE to play with. If you already possess another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, it’s possible to instantly trade BTC/RUNE trading pairs on platforms like

If you don’t own Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency you’ll need to buy RUNE from a crypto exchange. The best exchange for US-based users to acquire RUNE from is Binance US, which supports instant card purchases of THORChain. Buying RUNE with a credit or debit card may incur a small additional fee, but offers the notable advantage of making it possible to instantly withdraw RUNE.

The following steps will guide you through the easiest way to purchase RUNE online:

  • Create an account on Binance US 
  • Complete the KYC and ID verification processes to enable instant card purchases
  • Connect your Binance US account to your credit or debit card
  • Instantly purchase RUNE with a credit or debit card

If you are not located in the United States and can’t access Binance US, it’s possible to purchase RUNE from Coinbase too.

If you’ve already purchased RUNE, it’s possible to either deposit it on a casino site or trade it for another cryptocurrency that can be deposited on a crypto casino site.

Key Takeaways

Best THORChain Cryptocurrency Casino Sites

THORChain is a relatively complicated cryptocurrency platform that lets users generate RUNE by staking cryptos in a decentralized liquidity protocol. If you want to play RUNE on casino sites, it’s possible to either open an account by signing up to a crypto casino site that accepts RUNE, or trade your RUNE for cryptocurrencies that are accepted on a casino site.

When playing casino games with RUNE or other cryptocurrencies, players have access to higher deposit limits, withdrawal limitations, and considerably better incentives and bonuses. Aside from these advantages, crypto casino sites also provide instant withdrawals and, in many cases, significantly relaxed KYC requirements.