Spain Exchange: 4 Best Exchanges to Use in Spain

Spain exchanges are rising in popularity. You may already know that trading and investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are speculative and high risk, but you’re ready to go ahead. Like most European countries, the Spanish government looks closely at the reputability of a crypto or Bitcoin exchange or broker, as are we here at Coin Clarity.

When cryptocurrencies first came to the public eye, you had little choice but to register with a Bitcoin exchange and use a Bitcoin wallet to protect your Bitcoin holdings. It used to be challenging to withdraw real money from a Spain exchange because few offered bank transfer options. Today, with multiple thousands of listed altcoins, you’re not restricted to buying only Bitcoin. Most Bitcoin wallets can now store multiple currencies, and users have access to a vast choice of cryptocurrency exchanges. Great, but how do you know the right platform for you, as a crypto trader or investor in Spain?

Before you start buying Bitcoin with your credit card, it’s essential to be selective when choosing one of the online exchanges. Not all crypto exchanges are reputable. Some charge higher fees, have very few payment methods, and promote margin trading, which is too risky for beginners. If you want to trade Bitcoin, it’s essential to deposit funds with an established, reputable exchange, ideally with a personal wallet for security and your private keys kept safe.

We have a tried and tested methodology for choosing the best exchange for Spanish traders and crypto investors. The selection process identifies the most reputable exchanges for you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, ideally using a debit or credit card or a good range of payment methods. This post will help you safely purchase Bitcoin in Spain and explore a vast range of cryptocurrencies available at the four winning crypto exchanges.

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Spain Exchange: Ranking Methodology

  1. Spain friendly*: Of course, suitable crypto exchanges must be Pro-Spanish so you can buy cryptocurrencies in Spain
  2.  Exchange and Broker: Purchase crypto with low fees and consumer protection. Ideally, a service enabling bank transfers, wire transfer, and credit card payment facilities
  3. Reputation: a reputable platform with high liquidity for buying Bitcoins or other crypto assets

Diving Deeper Into Our Winners

Binance – Best Spain Exchange for Cryptocurrency Beginners

When you’re ready to buy crypto from a Spain exchange, Binance is a global leader amongst cryptocurrency exchanges. As one of the most popular exchanges for Spanish users, the platform has built an entire ecosystem. The Binance Chain (BSC) was brought to life by a global community and is a blockchain system used by many cryptocurrencies to piggyback their services.

Quick Look

  • No deposit fees
  • ~400 listed cryptocurrencies 
  • Good cryptocurrency education hub
  • Low transaction fees -variable, according to each network, for example, the withdrawal fee for (Bitcoin) BTC on Binance Chain (BEP2) is 0.0000056
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Trust Wallet – Binance’s official crypto wallet
  • Payment methods – Purchase Bitcoin or tokens directly with real currency using a credit/debit card
  • Card Wallet -deposit EURO with your card
  • Cash balance – you can purchase Bitcoin or tokens with your cash balance
  • P2P trading – bank transfer and over 100 options 
  • Third-party payment options – use Simplex, Banxa (SEPA)
  • Customizable crypto gift card
  • Institutional & VIP trading at several levels deep

Binance is a crypto exchange known for fast transaction speeds and 24/7 customer support. So, if you want to buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin from a Spain exchange, you can do so fast. Binance has a native token $BNB with many forms of utility, and it powers the entire Binance ecosystem. In addition, the exchange has an open-access educational hub. The Binance Academy provides a helpful range of topics for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology learning.

Binance Charity is a non-profit foundation committed to “advancing blockchain-enabled philanthropy and global sustainable development .” In addition, the Binance community can actively contribute to Binance Info, a portal for sharing cryptocurrency knowledge.

Security is one of the critical factors for beginners when considering a Spain exchange account to buy Bitcoin in Spain. Binance has a SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) for protection against cyberattacks. In 2019, Binance reimbursed traders when cyber thieves escaped with $40 million Bitcoin (BTC). The SAFU is one component of why Binance is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

Binance offers several types of payment methods. You can buy Bitcoin or altcoins with “real-money” currencies, making it easier for beginners.

Gemini – Best Spain Exchange for Most Advanced Traders

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If you are ready to start buying Bitcoin from a Spain exchange, Gemini may only have 80 cryptocurrencies listed, including Bitcoin. The platform is popular for skilled traders. The “ActiveTrader” platform focuses on providing trading tools for experienced traders. Additionally, it offers lower fees and instant trading.

Quick Look

  • Excellent security – Gemini stores most assets in a cold storage system
  • Free hot wallet – Gemini insurance covers fraudulent activity
  • Secure two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • 80 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin
  • “ActiveTrader” platform for experienced traders, with lower trading fees
  •  SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 qualifications
  •  24/7 customer support
  •  Support for individual and institutional investors
  • Payment method – Wire transfer
  • Cryptopedia – free cryptocurrency education
  • Gemini Mobile App – trading fees from $0.99 for $10.00 or fixed 1.49% for orders over $200
  • Convenience fee – 0.5% of market price per trade
  • Transaction fee – 1.49% for smaller orders but a percentage fee for larger orders
  • “Gemini Earn” – 7.4% APY from lending or staking cryptocurrency
  • Easy ID verification process

You can store your crypto holdings in the Gemini hot wallet. However, there are risks involved with online wallets, so if you prefer a safer cold storage option, The “Gemini Custody” wallet has a low fee of 0.4%.
The platform has secure two-factor authorization (2FA), and Gemini was the first to secure the SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 qualifications.

The “Gemini Earn” program lets you make the most of your token holdings by earning up to 7.5% APY. So even though we ranked Gemini as the winner for best for advanced traders, the “Gemini Earn” program is attractive for crypto enthusiasts to make the most of their token holdings. – Winner of Spain Exchanges for Range of Cryptocurrencies has an impressive 1,300+ coins to trade and is considered a top Spain exchange for its range of cryptocurrencies. The platform scored a CoinGecko trust score of 10/10, rated as the third-best cryptocurrency platform globally. In addition, rated’s cybersecurity as excellent for two consecutive years.

Quick Look

  • Low fees of 0.2% for crypto exchange trading
  • Zero deposit fees
  • Low withdrawal fees (for example, 0% + 0.011 ETH for Ethereum)
  • Vast selection of 1,300+ coins and over 2,300+ trading pairs
  • High liquidity for fast order transactions
  • Zero deposit or withdrawal fees
  • User-friendly platform and trading interface
  • Rebate scheme for VIP traders
  • Excellent cyber-security
  • 10/10 CoinGecko Trust Score
  • Hardware wallet, the ‘S1″ for cold storage

Opening an account with is straightforward and fast. Submit and confirm your details, and you are ready to buy Bitcoin safely or explore the range of tokens. provides a free exchange wallet or the ‘S1’ secure hardware wallet. Maker and taker fees are reasonable at 0.2%, and also offers high-volume discounts for experienced traders. has only one niggling grouse for traders and investors. There are no “real-money” trading or conversion options. So when you’ve made a profit and want to withdraw to your bank account, you must transfer your Bitcoin or crypto to an off-ramp platform like Coinbase and convert to your chosen currency.

Coinbase – Winner for the Easiest Crypto Platform

Coinbase has over 73 million global customers and is considered a great Spain exchange for beginners. It has to be one of the most accessible platforms to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins. The user interface is beginner-friendly. Even a complete Bitcoin and crypto newbie can navigate to purchase tokens with a good market cap, selling Bitcoin, or converting tokens into other cryptos, stablecoins, or “real-money.”

Quick Look

  • Payment methods – Instant buy crypto with fiat currency using your debit or credit card
  • Secure storage – most of the crypto assets are stored in secure offline storage
  • Top security – every Coinbase account has 2-step verification (2FA) as minimum
  • 159 cryptocurrencies
  • Coinbase has insurance cover for crypto stored on its servers 
  • Coinbase App – available to iOS and Android for mobile crypto trading
  • Beginner-friendly – the Coinbase trading platform is easy and intuitive to navigate even for total crypto beginners
  • Withdrawal methods – bank transfer for fiat currencies
  • Zero fees for transferring from one Coinbase wallet to another
  • Coinbase card – zero fees for spending USDC, but there is a flat 2.49% transaction fee for purchases made with other cryptocurrencies

Payment methods for Coinbase are simple. Whip out your debit or credit card, choose Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or the token you wish to buy, and hit the submit button. For withdrawals, set up and verify your bank and, once verified, you can request a bank transfer. Spanish traders and investors report same-day transfers.

We ranked the platform as the easiest of exchanges, but Coinbase has many other attributes as a platform. For example, it has 159 listed cryptocurrencies, and you can trade or buy Bitcoin. Trading fees are competitive, and you can also download the Coinbase app to trade on the go or keep track of your investments.

If you’re a crypto newbie and want to see how crypto exchanges work, sign up for an account with Coinbase and see how easy it is to navigate the platform. As a bonus, Coinbase customers can access Coinbase Pro, which has more trading options and effortless instant transfer of currencies from Coinbase.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

On the internet, there are “kiosks” where you can exchange deposited cash for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, also known as Bitcoin ATMs. These are very popular in Spain and can be found all over the country.

There you have it — the top exchanges for the growing number of Spanish users adopting cryptocurrency every day. While Spain does require a few hoops to jump through initially, we’d say it’s worth it for the financial autonomy and freedom that Bitcoin brings.

Good luck out there!

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