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MtGOX’s Karpeles Innocent of Major Charges, Not a Crook

MtGOX once ruled the world of BTC as its biggest exchange. Then it became its biggest headache. Years after casting a shadow over bitcoin’s reputation, both MtGOX and Mark Karpeles…

Weekly Roundup: Bubble or Not, BTC is Up 20% In 24 Hours and 40% In 7 Days

This week we examine how close BTC came to breaking $17,000, again try to remind you to be careful before making any initial investments at these levels, and why. We…

Weekly Roundup: Bitcoin Cash??, BTC-e Shutdown, Ransomware Evolving

A Bitcoin fork is happening – find out what to do about it. Also, one of the oldest exchanges shuts down amid criminal allegations, & ransomware is not over yet.