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Weekly Roundup: BTC Sinks to New Lows, Bithumb Recovers Its Coins, Facebook Resumes Crypto Ads

In this week’s edition, we recap how bitcoin ended the first half of 2018, which is now down close to 60% from its price at the beginning of the year…. Bringing Satoshi’s Vision of Financial Freedom to Life, Part II

By acting as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, helps millions of ordinary people make payments quickly and through a cell phone that might otherwise require long…

Weekly Roundup: A Review of Blockchain Tech Outside of Cryptocurrency

In this week’s edition, we skip our usual price movement commentary to remind you of all the other uses that the blockchain has outside of acting as the motor for…

Thursday Checkup: BTC Slides Below $10k on Regulation Worries, Ethereum Steadies

Happy Thursday afternoon to you, crypto-keepers, long-time readers, and first-time visitors alike. It’s Thursday already, meaning there’s only one more full day of work separating you from the long-awaited weekend….

Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Advertisements While Square Embraces Bitcoin Payments

Yesterday, Facebook issued a statement that said the company will be banning all advertisements for “binary options, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency.” In an effort to eliminate ads associated with…