Weekly Roundup: BTC Falls to New Low, Nasdaq Bullish on Crypto, Hash Rate Declines

In this week’s edition, we mourn over a fresh round of losses for BTC and pretty much the entirety of the crypto market, maintain a bit of confidence as one…

CEO of JPMorgan Chase Backtracks on Earlier Statements That Bitcoin Is a Fraud

The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, may not have plans to invest in Bitcoin, but he has just expressed his regret in labeling it a fraud last year. Dimon…

Weekly Roundup: BTC Blasts Through $5500, Touches $5800, Heads for Jupiter

This week we continue to fawn over bitcoin’s stratospheric rise, noting how its valuation now leaves corporate competitors Western Union and PayPal in the dust, and try to explain what…

How to Buy Bitcoin With Paypal

A guide to buying bitcoin using Paypal, and how to sell bitcoin back for Paypal for total newbies.

Weekly Roundup: Another All-Time High For BTC, Regulation Imminent, PayPal “Vanquished”

Yet another price high and the likelihood that BTC will continue to rise in value, US government’s new initiative to impact the development of new cryptocurrencies, bitcoin’s overtaking of PayPal in market value.