Bitfinex down between 0600 and 1800 UTC – violent volatility ahead. Also, some Bitcoin analysis

If you’re looking for a catalyst for some volatility, the upcoming maintenance on the crypto exchange, Bitfinex, is one of those catalysts. Not too long ago, Bitmex had its downtime…

XLMUSD Stell Lumens forecast

If we follow the general rule that the length of a consolidation zone is generally mirrored by an equivalent move in price, then the target range is 1.078 for XLMUSD….

Cryptocurrency Finanacial Astrology – This has not happened since 1935

Please remember, your author does not wear a tin foil hat nor toss chicken bones. Financial Astrology is the third block of Financial Analysis (Technical, Fundamental, and Financial Astrology). Financial…

Cryptocurrencies – A major congestion and divergence of financial astrology patterns

Over the past 14 trading days, the entire cryptocurrency market (and all commodities and currencies) have been in a very sensitive state of flux. Bitcoin has not been immune, obviously….