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Weekly Roundup: Binance Coin Shines, Fed Shutdown Bad for Crypto, Ethereum’s Hard Fork Postponed

In this week’s edition, we bring you the latest developments in the crypto universe, and there were quite a few to go over. While the market has not shown signs…

Weekly Roundup: Crypto Markets Hammered, Bitcoin Cash Fork to Blame

In this week’s edition, we lament over recently crushed prices across the board, with most coins in the top 100 suffering double-digit losses over the last 7 days. At the…

Weekly Roundup: Bitcoin Cash??, BTC-e Shutdown, Ransomware Evolving

A Bitcoin fork is happening – find out what to do about it. Also, one of the oldest exchanges shuts down amid criminal allegations, & ransomware is not over yet.

Weekly Roundup: BTC Price Keeps Rising, Ransomware On The Loose

Bitcoin’s price continues to climb and its push onto the main stage of global economics is finally taking form, with the launch of several revolutionary blockchain- and bitcoin-based companies aiming…