ETH, ZEC, and ADA Ichimoku Trade Updates (January 14th, 2020)

This article will update and review the current trading behavior of the three cryptocurrencies we look at yesterday: Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), and Cardano (ADA).   Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum, like…

Holy market whipsaws Batman

This article might deviate slightly in that I am talking about other markets besides cryptocurrencies. Still, too much has happened over the past 24-hours to not talk about the price action…

Bitcoin (BTC) proves it is a risk-off asset

Friday’s (January 3rd, 2019 trading sessions saw speculators and investors pouring into Bitcoin as a risk-off asset. Attempts to sell-off the rally failed; weekend trading shows hints of higher moves….

Bitcoin: Risk-On or Risk-Off?

Bitcoin has several proponents sitting in both camps that suggest it is an entirely risk-on asset or a risk-off asset. Comparing Bitcoin’s price trends to traditional risk-on and risk-off assets…

Crypto monthly charts show big changes ahead

September’s monthly charts show very strong bullish moves. To show evidence of a probable reversal, I am looking at two of the worst performing altcoins: ZRX (0x) and XLM (Stellar)….