ZRX (0x) added to Coinbase: Which of the Coinbase 5 cryptos is next?

Back on August 6th and again on September 24th, I wrote about what I call the Coinbase 5. The Coinbase 5 are the 5 cryptocurrencies that Coinbase Tweeted about back in July….

Altcoin market signalling expansion before Bitcoin or Ethereum?

In any market, one of the hallmarks of the beginning and the end of a new expansion phase is speculation/investing in emerging markets. It’s part of the Risk-On, Risk-Off way…

Bitcoin: Buy the Dip?

If we’re going into a bull cycle, then the question of whether to BTD (Buy The Dip) needs to be asked. Is the drop in Cryptos from last Friday just…

XLMUSD Stell Lumens forecast

If we follow the general rule that the length of a consolidation zone is generally mirrored by an equivalent move in price, then the target range is 1.078 for XLMUSD….

Financial Astrology – massive confluence zone September 17th – September 24th

Financial Astrology has nothing to do with how you can get that Libra you think is so hawt to fall in love with you. It has nothing to do with…