ZRX (0x) added to Coinbase: Which of the Coinbase 5 cryptos is next?

Back on August 6th and again on September 24th, I wrote about what I call the Coinbase 5. The Coinbase 5 are the 5 cryptocurrencies that Coinbase Tweeted about back in July….

Altcoin market signalling expansion before Bitcoin or Ethereum?

In any market, one of the hallmarks of the beginning and the end of a new expansion phase is speculation/investing in emerging markets. It’s part of the Risk-On, Risk-Off way…

Weekly Roundup: Too Many ICOs, Too Many Coins, Too Little Adoption

This week we look at how every-day businesses are being “blockchainized” by the score, spell out the differences between ICOs and IPOs for you, discuss what the Ethereum hard fork…