Meet The Team

We are a group of Crypto-nerds who are obsessed with bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and how these marvels are changing the world.

Jess Richardson

Jess Richardson: Co-Founder

Jess is a Co-Founder of CoinClarity with a background in website management & development. He has been both an entrepreneur and CEO for affiliate companies in the online gambling space, and has now turned his attention to the crypto world. He's a hodler who believes that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to change the world for the better.

Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell: Co-Founder & Site Manager

Nick is a Co-Founder and Manager of Coin Clarity. He became aware of bitcoin in 2013, bought some at $43 (!) and then got it promptly stolen. 🙁  Fast forward to 2017, and after learning that there were more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, he had the bright idea to start a website mapping the world of cryptocurrencies & how they all connect & are used -- and now here you are.

Cyrus McNally

Cyrus McNally: Author

Cyrus has been a bitcoin enthusiast since 2013, after hearing about it on various podcasts and quickly becaming fascinated with blockchain technology. Having been a regular participant on for the last 4 years and involved in the development of several other cryptocurrencies since then, his account achieved “Legendary” status in 2017.

Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan: Author

My name is Jon and I hail from South Dakota, USA. I am a private trader (futures, forex and cryptocurrencies) but I am also a consulting analyst and a huge advocate for quality information in the market, especially technical analysis. I had a hard journey to become a profitable trader and it is my goal to help others with real, honest and relevant information.

Callie Miaoulis

Callie Miaoulis: Content Manager

Callie is a professional writer and cultural curator who was initially attracted to learning about blockchain applications and cryptocurrency from a socio-political vantage point. Crypto-curiosity first took its hold of Callie in 2016 and shows no signs of loosening its grip.