A new and improved version of Bitcoin Core has just been released by the development team, and this one promises complete support for SegWit in the wallet and better user interface. Version 0.16.0,  includes many improvements and fixes and assists customers in resubmitting stuck transactions more quickly, supports the bc1 Bitcoin address format, and utilizes the more widely used “bits” denomination, rather than “bBTC” which is a major plus.

This marks the first big Bitcoin Core release since last year, when SegWit had just been established, and there was still a degree of uncertainty about whether Bitcoin would fork again to provide bigger transaction block sizes.

That version, 0.15.0, provided SegWit-compatible address creation for more advanced users, although it did not default to that option within the UI.

Wallets that are established with the latest Bitcoin Core version will be hierarchical-deterministic by default. This will be a problem as far as compatibility with previous versions.  People who create wallets with 0.16.0 won’t be able to downgrade to older versions of Core, and wallets created on older versions will not be upgraded to HD in 0.16.0.

The “replace by fee” choice for transactions will now be enabled by default. RBF lets users re-broadcast transactions later with a higher fee, offering priority should they get stuck with a fee that’s too low during periods of high activity.

The issue of excessive fees, and transactions that get stuck with what appear like decent fees at the time of sending, has been a major complaint of Bitcoin Core users over the past year. Developers have been working diligently to improve support for SegWit, and make options like RBF simpler.

This latest version should make customers happier with their transactions, and is available now to use.