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IBTimes Journalists Just Laid the Dorkiest Rhyme About Crypto and Now We Can’t Take Them Seriously Anymore

Regardless of the legitimacy and validity of their underlying message (which is that most tokens generated from ICOs will drop in value – not entirely implausible given that 75-90% of all businesses will at some time fail), longstanding financial publication International Business Times for some reason had to begin their latest ICO slam piece with a cheesy parody of an already cheesy pop song; the opening line being:

There’s no party like a tokenized party because the cryptocurrency’s value might drop.

While not actually clever or non-embarrassing (not to mention it doesn’t even rhyme), IBTimes uses its creative intro as an eye-grabbing way to deliver yet another demonization of cryptocurrency by devolving into scare tactics and “what-if” scenarios that are likely to turn off their classic investor breed of audience. What we hear by “reading between the lines” through these types of anti-blockchain articles are the death throes of old money, who refuses to give into change and technology, simply because they lack the open-mindedness or neural plasticity to do so.

wall street sign

To be fair, the author of this particular IBTimes piece is at least somewhat fair by giving a run-down of some pretty common things to bear in mind when making serious ICO investments – things that any big money investor just getting into the ICO game should know about. Yet at the same, the author poses a lot of legal questions that are, for the moment, entirely unnecessary, given that no one can predict the ultimate outcome regarding the regulation of ICOs, when it will take place, or what shape it will take the form of. The author ends the piece by offering glowing praise for a bitcoin analyst proponent of ICO regulation – which could well perhaps be the very thing that causes “a tokenized party” to “drop.” One thing is for certain: we doubt Coolio would be pleased.

WSJ 1 1 1 1

Is There a Wall Street Conspiracy Against Bitcoin’s Success?

Are classic financial publications like The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Business Insider and IBTimes purposefully shooting themselves in the foot by not giving crypto the full respect it deserves? Old habits die hard, what works is what works, why spoil a good thing, and don’t tip the apple cart are some good metaphors for the pro-regulation argument, who fully intends to keep traditional banking systems in place for no other reason than their own personal benefit. (Even if they don’t come right out and say it.)

Frankly, the egregious unfairness demonstrated by the U.S. government after the infamous bailout of 2008-2009, where dozens (or hundreds) of bankers would have been potentially executed for exhibiting such cowardly acts of dishonor (in some countries) after fleecing millions of customers out of their hard-earned dollars, is enough to make any critical thinker infuriated. After all, here was a group of men (ala Jamie Dimon) who are wealthier beyond our wildest imagination – who society has placed the awesome responsibility of doing the right thing for the betterment of the people (or at least the shareholders), who not only manage to make trillions of dollars disappear in a matter of weeks, but get raises, book deals and golden parachutes because of their unparalleled blunder.

wall street bull 1

The fact is, the failure of those we hold to a higher regard, as Leaders of Men, not only managed to lose all everybody’s money they were in charge of but then have the temerity to demand billions of dollars from the government to be paid back in the form of taxpayer money. Perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole dark chapter in American (and indeed, world) finance is that we, as a country have apparently learned nothing, as those responsible for literally mis-managing billions of dollars continue to work at their very same jobs – at their very same positions – and for a higher salary!


The fateful, ill-designed actions of those delegated to run our money supply have disenfranchised an entire generation of Americans who no longer hold value or faith in the financial system, or the government for that matter. How is it possible to root for a system when those of power who collude to destroy the middle class walk free, while the average homeowner is stuck with a simply unmanageable mortgage agreement? Perhaps more practically, why hasn’t Wall Street fully embraced bitcoin knowing how easily manipulatable it is compared to say, the NASDAQ or AAPL?

Unikoin gold guy

Why the UnikoinGold ICO May Stand Out Above the Rest

Two words: Mark Cuban. If you haven’t heard, Cuban’s recently taken something of a dramatic about-face in his views towards cryptocurrency, once deriding them as being in a surefire bubble (this was back in the $2,000 range, mind you), yet now seemingly willing to invest all excess cash into the new fantastically compelling foray of financial technology. After announcement earlier in the year that Cuban was planned to back the new blockchain startup of a former Coinbase executive officer, he doubled his ante by announcing plans to contribute $10,000,000 to the e-sports gambling site Unikrn, which has already proven itself to be profitable and in business for the long haul.

What makes UnikoinGold newsworthy and this article not a paid advertisement for an ICO? Besides the fact that e-sports gambling is blowing up on a worldwide scale, with winner price purses approaching that of World Series of Poker finales, and a vast membership of fans that is growing at exponential levels, professionally-broadcasted e-gaming is quickly becoming next big thing. It was already the next important thing, included in sections of some of the bigger internet bitcoin sportsbooks and attracting greater demand than all other fields of sports betting. Yet what truly separates UnikoinGold from the ICO pack is not only its big-name endorsements and proven sales model, but the fact that it is striving to complete a new corporate/blockchain hybrid the likes of which have never been seen at this magnitude. Dodging regulation and staying within ever-shifting legal bounds will be tricky, but Unikrn enjoys a heavy-handed legal team that is more than ready to tackle and resolve any such issues that should arise, or otherwise potentially interrupt operations.

To date, UnikoinGoin has raised about $25 million in investments, about a quarter of its best-case scenario goal of $100 million. Bear in mind, the ICO sale still has about three weeks to go, so at its current rate, the possibility of Unikoin reaching the $100 million cap might not be out of the question. With exceptionally the fast-paced growth of the e-sports industry and worldwide hi-speed internet connectivity, Unikrn finds itself in just the right place at the right time, which is what makes UnikoinGold one of the hottest contenders currently in the ICO market.

For more information, check out the UnikoinGold website which explains exactly what you can do with a UnikoinGold token, how to get them, and how the mysterious world of e-sports gaming works.

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