TRON (TRX) is the native cryptocurrency of the TRON network, a highly functional blockchain that can also create decentralized applications (dApps). The use cases presented by the TRON network include decentralized casinos and betting apps, which makes TRON a popular cryptocurrency for playing blackjack online.

When choosing the right TRON blackjack sites for you, it is worth looking at other factors like reputation, payout, and customer services. So, here’s everything you need to know about playing TRON blackjack.

Best TRON Bonuses and Promotions in 2022

When it comes to blackjack, the house advantage is the smallest of all available casino games. For this reason, the rollover requirements are much higher, making it harder to qualify your bonuses.

Remember, the first deposit a player makes will be the best bonus they receive. However, do not get carried away and play more than you can afford to lose! The best approach would be to make a larger deposit first to maximize the bonus.

Some of the bonuses and promos available from TRON blackjack sites include:

  • Welcome bonuses, or matched deposit bonuses, provide new players with a specific percentage of their first deposit as bonus cash. A 100% matched deposit bonus on a 1 ETH deposit, for example, will provide one additional 1 ETH as bonus cash 
  • Cash bonuses for new signups that range up to $1,000 or more
  • Freerolls for making deposits, competing in tournaments, or playing blackjack
  • Progressive jackpots that can reach as high as millions of dollars
  • Tournaments with cash prizes that compete with some of the largest traditional blackjack sites
  • Reload bonuses for making consecutive deposits or regular deposits

Sometimes crypto blackjack sites offer highly attractive bonuses only through their latest bonus codes. See the table at the beginning of this article for a list of the best cryptocurrency blackjack sites of 2022 and current bonus codes.

VIP programs are also worth considering — TRON blackjack VIP programs often provide players with points for depositing TRON, playing blackjack, or competing in tournaments and leaderboards. These points can be exchanged for various benefits such as freerolls, cash, or prizes or used to access higher VIP tiers. 

Cryptocurrency TRON Blackjack Sites

How to Deposit TRON at Online Blackjack Sites

All that is required to deposit to your blackjack site account is a TRON wallet address. Your blackjack site will provide this in the ‘Banking,’ ‘Cashier,’ or ‘Wallet’ section of the site.

In 2022, players have several different deposit methods to choose from including:

  • Mastercard credit or debit card
  • Visa debit or credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Other popular digital payment gateways

First, start a new transaction from within your wallet or exchange to make the deposit. Then, copy and paste the site’s wallet address into the destination field along with the amount you would like to deposit. Once you send your TRON, it will be available on your blackjack site in less than 20 minutes.

Ensure that the wallet address you are depositing to is made specifically for receiving TRON. If you deposit a coin into an incompatible wallet, such as sending TRON to a Bitcoin address, this will result in a permanent loss of funds.

Sites that offer matched deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses typically set a minimum deposit of $10 to $50 that players must meet to activate bonuses. Most sites don’t set a minimum TRON deposit amount otherwise. 

How to Withdraw TRON to Your Wallet

Where to Play TRON Blackjack

All you will need to withdraw TRON is your wallet address, which you can find by starting a new transaction from within your wallet or exchange and clicking ‘receive.’

To make a withdrawal, copy and paste your wallet address into the section provided by the blackjack site along with the amount you would like to withdraw.

Even though crypto transactions are known to process rather quickly, some sites may opt to put a hold on your withdrawal request intentionally. For example, some sites may do this in order to convert the necessary funds from other cryptocurrencies if the withdrawal request is too large or frequent. Alternatively, it may be on hold until the user provides security information like KYC or other identification. In any case, these holds won’t last more than 24 hours. If you are looking for long-term storage solutions for your TRON, it’s worth using a dedicated crypto wallet.

How to Play Blackjack With TRON

TRON blackjack sites may offer far more efficient ways for players to control their funds, but they work similarly to traditional blackjack sites. After you make a deposit, you’ll be able to play the same formats and blackjack variations available on traditional online blackjack sites, such as European blackjack, live blackjack, Vegas strip, and American blackjack.

Most sites offer both multi-hand and multi-table action, with many crypto blackjack sites providing full multi-table functionality via mobile web versions and apps. One key difference between TRON blackjack and fiat currency blackjack is how a site will calculate wagers — instead of calculating in USD or EUR; many sites count wagers in BTC or mBTC, which is equivalent to one-thousandth of a Bitcoin. 

One of the unique benefits of TRON blackjack or other betting apps is that it is open-source, allowing players to independently confirm that the code running these applications is unbiased and fair. These programs are known as provably fair games; they use blockchain data provided by all the players at a table to run RNG (random number generator) software. Using a provably fair game is the best way to avoid malicious third parties while ensuring you are getting the best odds available.

Using TRON to Play Blackjack Online: What You Need to Know

TRON Bonuses On Safe and Secure Blackjack sites

Once you’ve got some TRON in your wallet, you’re ready to choose a blackjack site and start playing. Crypto blackjack works the same way as traditional blackjack sites unless you’re playing on a decentralized TRON casino through a tool like TRONLink.

Using a normal cryptocurrency blackjack site is far easier and provides better bonuses and faster payouts. However, before you start playing, there are just a few more factors to be aware of using TRON online.

  • Anonymity: Unlike Monero (XMR), TRON is not a private or anonymous blockchain. When you send TRON to a blackjack site from an exchange wallet linked to your identity, the TRON you use to play blackjack is traceable to your identity.
  • Security and safety: When you use crypto to bet online, you’re responsible for your own security — TRON transactions are irreversible. Only play TRON blackjack on trusted, recommended sites, and use two-factor authentication wherever possible.
  • KYC requirements: Depending on the site you use, you may be able to play anonymous TRON blackjack or KYC-free blackjack. Some TRON blackjack sites may require users to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) information before paying out large withdrawal requests to players.

Choosing the Best TRON Blackjack Site

There are two different types of TRON blackjack sites. The first typically accepts TRON as a deposit or withdrawal option but operates in a traditional centralized manner. Often these sites are a part of a larger casino where it’s likely that blackjack or crypto deposits aren’t their main focus. This type of site often provides larger bonuses and more action but won’t usually take advantage of TRON’s benefits.

The second type of TRON blackjack site is decentralized and typically runs as a decentralized app on the TRON network. These dApps can provide players with greater control over their bankroll but require some degree of technical knowledge to use correctly. These sites will use the TRON network to offer benefits like provably fair card shuffling.


Like other blackjack sites, TRON blackjack sites are ranked based on reputation, trustworthiness, and payout speed.

We at Coin Clarity have provided our notes on the safest and most trustworthy blackjack sites in the table above. Checking user reviews can be an important step in finding out the reputation of a site. In addition, checking a site’s social media pages, finding verified user and third-party reviews, and checking the licensing of a site can all be incredibly helpful for finding the most trustworthy crypto blackjack site.


Crypto blackjack sites often offer far higher withdrawal limits than traditional sites and allow players to make higher wagers. Cryptocurrency blackjack sites also offer far more competitive bonuses and promotions than traditional blackjack. 

Crypto payments are also typically faster than fiat options. For example, a typical bank transfer usually takes several days, whereas crypto payments process within minutes. In addition, if you are utilizing a TRON dApp, you’ll most likely be betting against another person directly, meaning that you’ll be able to exchange bets directly with other players without the need to wait on verification from the site.

Customer Service

Many blackjack sites and casinos will answer DMs on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. This can often be the best way to reach customer service for these sites.

Casinos that offer TRON blackjack may offer 24/7 support through live chat, phone/e-mail, or offer a moderated user forum that allows players to discuss problems and fixes amongst themselves. Live bots are also a very common option in 2022.

If there’s a problem with the dApp itself, there will usually be a bug report feature that will allow you to send problems to the program developers directly. Since these dApps are usually open-source and the code that runs the games is easily accessible, there will be plenty of people with eyes on the program to ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely.

Additional factors to look for in a TRON blackjack site include:

  • Welcome bonuses and VIP programs: Some TRON blackjack sites offer better VIP programs and bonuses than others.
  • Smartphone support: If you want to play on your phone, you’ll need a mobile-friendly TRON blackjack site.
  • Tournaments: Some TRON blackjack sites offer large-scale tournaments.

How to Buy TRON

You can purchase TRX with a Visa or Mastercard debit card or credit card directly on safe and secure exchanges like Binance, or Kraken.

The current steps required to buy TRON in order to play TRX casino games are as follows:

  • Sign up with one of our recommended exchanges
  • Complete the identity verification process
  • Connect a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to your Kraken or Binance account
  • Buy TRON (TRX)

Key Takeaways

Live Dealer TRON Blackjack

TRON is impressively fast and allows users to make transactions at a very low cost. In addition, the programmable nature of the TRON blockchain means that it’s possible to play normal cryptocurrency blackjack or bet TRON on provably fair blackjack through casino dApps.

If you’re looking for the best TRON blackjack sites, it’s best to play on a normal blackjack platform that accepts cryptocurrency rather than a decentralized platform, as the former typically provides better offers, player support, and action than the latter.