USDC is a stable cryptocurrency with a value that is always pegged to the US dollar with a 1:1 exchange rate. The stability and speed of USDC make it highly popular with crypto casinos. USDC has gained a lot of popularity in online casinos thanks to its fast and inexpensive transactions.

As you are almost guaranteed to encounter this coin in online casinos, we have created a guide to help you make the most of your USDC in the best online casinos!

Best USDC Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Virtually every casino site offers a new player welcome bonus and free spin promotions to attract new players. Crypto casinos that accept USDC are no different — it’s easy to find crypto casinos that offer a wide variety of attractive promotions and bonuses. 

Some of the most common USDC casino promos include:

  • Matched deposit bonus promotions that provide new players with a percentage match of their first deposit. For example, a player who deposits $500 with a 100% matched deposit sign-up bonus will receive $500
  • Reload bonus promotions that offer matched deposit bonuses for consecutive bonuses after the first deposit, such as second or third deposit bonuses, as well as weekly reload offers to incentivise regular deposits
  • Free spin bonuses for depositing specific cryptocurrencies or making first deposits. Bonuses offered typically range from 25, 50, or more free spins.
Best USDC Casino Bonuses

What Games Can I Play?

Crypto casinos offer an impressively wide range of games, with typically thousands to choose from. For example, most USDC casino sites offer the same games you’d find on a fiat currency casino site, including slots, poker, and roulette, with additional variations. Some casinos will offer live table games where you can bet USDC directly.

When checking out live games, make sure you know whether the casino will accept live wagers in USDC or whether they will convert it to its equivalent in Bitcoin or fiat first. See the table at the top of this article for a list of the latest and best casinos that provide live USDC wagering in 2022.

In addition to traditional games, crypto casinos that accept USDC also provide a variety of provably fair games. A provably fair game is a crypto casino game that allows users to audit the Smart Contracts that power it, providing full transparency into the odds and fairness of a game.

Some of the provably fair USDC games available online today include provably fair USDC poker, blackjack, and roulette, alongside more innovative blockchain casino games such as dice or crash. 

Some of the latest provably fair games that users can be played with USDC on crypto casinos include:

  • Blackjack
    • Classic blackjack
    • European blackjack
    • Live dealer blackjack
  • Poker
    • Texas Hold ‘Em
    • Omaha
  • Roulette
    • Classic Roulette
    • Monopoly Roulette
    • Double Ball Roulette
    • Japanese Roulette

And many, many more, including thousands of Slots games and many variations of Baccarat.

How to Deposit USDC

Where to Play Casino Games with USDC

Depositing USDC to an online casino is straightforward, and is virtually the same as Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions. All you’ll need to send USDC to a crypto casino is a wallet address, typically provided within the platform’s wallet, cashier, or banking section.

From there, start a new transaction, then copy and paste the address into your wallet along with the amount you’d like to deposit. You should be able to confirm that the transaction went through in just a few minutes. Most crypto casinos will not enforce a minimum deposit amount unless they are part of the requirements to qualify for deposit bonuses.

Ensure that you are depositing to a wallet specifically designed to accept USDC. Depositing a coin to a wallet address that is incompatible with that specific coin, such as depositing USDC to a Bitcoin address, will result in a permanent loss of funds. Remember that as an ERC-20 token, you will need an Ethereum balance in your private wallet to send USDC.

Also, it’s rare for crypto casinos to charge deposit fees; you’re more likely to see a transaction fee applied from your wallet or exchange instead.

Currently, players have several different deposit methods to choose from including:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal

How to Withdraw USDC

The process of withdrawing USDC from a casino is the same as depositing — reverse the process and send the USDC back to the exchange where you originally purchased it. Then, paste your wallet address into the section provided by your casino along with the amount you’d like to withdraw.

Even though it is rare, keep an eye out for any withdrawal or gas fees from the casino or exchange. Also, make sure to verify whether there is a minimum withdrawal amount. Finally, even though crypto transactions may process quickly, some casinos might request additional time to verify withdrawals; in these cases, you might have to wait up to 48 hours.

Most exchanges, including Coinbase (which has the same parent company as USDC), provide streamlined buy/sell functionality that allows users to instantly sell USDC for USD or other fiat currencies as soon as it’s received. For example, a bettor can send USDC from a crypto casino to an exchange and sell it for fiat currency within less than 10 minutes.

Using USDC to Play Online: What You Need to Know

Biggest USDC Bonuses

USDC is the most stable cryptocurrency in the market and is extremely easy to use, but there are a few essential factors to consider when gambling:

  • Anonymity: USDC isn’t anonymous. Unlike privacy coins such as Monero, it’s possible to determine who owns the USDC when transferring the funds from an exchange to a crypto casino
  • Fees: USDC transactions are fast and cheap, with transaction fees of just a few cents. Some crypto casinos may charge a deposit fee, albeit rarely — it’s essential to check for deposit fees before depositing
  • Safety and trust: USDC transactions are irreversible. It’s necessary to check the reputation of a crypto casino before signing up. For a list of the safest and most secure USDC casinos in 2022, see the table at the beginning of this article

Best Reasons to Bet with USDC

Thanks to the stability and security of USDC, there is a low-risk way to engage with crypto. Users do not have to worry about the inevitable fluctuations of the market. In addition, USDC has cryptocurrency’s benefit of delivering much faster payments and transactions when compared to traditional banking services while remaining familiar to people who are new to crypto.

The fast transaction speed of USDC has made it one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies for online crypto casinos. Today, thousands of casino sites allow players to deposit and withdraw USDC. One of the most significant advantages of these casinos is the ability to access instant USDC withdrawals at any time.

Choosing the Best USDC Casino

Best USDC Casino Games

You can purchase USDC on many different exchanges; our current recommendation is Coinbase, which is available in most countries and allows users to buy USDC with a Visa or Mastercard debit card or credit card. For a complete list of the latest and best crypto exchanges, see Coin Clarity’s guide to crypto exchanges.

Currently, USDC is a popular cryptocurrency and is second only to Tether (USDT) as a 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin. This stablecoin delivers the stability of a fiat currency which allows users to avoid the usual volatility normally associated with cryptocurrency.

Many online casino sites that accept crypto deposits will include USDC as a banking method. There are, however, several important factors to check for when assessing these casinos:

  • Sign-up promotions and bonuses
  • Payout speed and security
  • Customer service and live chat support
  • Reputation and trustworthiness

The best USDC casinos should deliver on the above factors and provide users with a wide selection of games. See the table at the beginning of this article for a current list of the best USDC casino sites.

Key Takeaways

USDC is a stable, safe, and secure cryptocurrency that isn’t affected by the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The high speed and low cost of USDC transactions combined with the widespread acceptance of USDC at many crypto exchanges make it one of the best coins for crypto casinos.