Bitcoin’s value continues to rise, and with this boom, people who invested early are starting to ask whether or not they should sell some of it, or hold onto it.  With all the speculation in the news right now, here are what some experts are advising.

When it comes to whether or not you should hold onto all your Bitcoin, or sell it, it’s a very difficult decision.  On one hand, many experts speculate the price could just keep skyrocketing for quite some time. On the other hand, skeptics believe it could be a bubble, ready to go way back down in value at any moment.

Many experts recommend selling off around 20% and 50% if you are worried about the risk of holding it all for too long, or if you are dealing with financial needs. If you don’t want to wait a long time to see if there is a bigger payoff in the future, or a big crash, it makes sense to go ahead and sell some now.

If you were an early investor, then you are already looking at a nice profit, but that is after you sell your cryptocurrency. This is where the challenging decision comes to the forefront. The fact is, experts are saying there may not be a “right” decision, other than looking at your current financial needs, and deciding whether or not selling some Bitcoin now would be a better solution financially.

Josiah Hernandez, Chief Strategy Officer of the Bitcoin ATM network, Coinsource, explains, “If someone’s looking to pay the bills, it may be logical to take out, say, a month’s worth of necessities.”

He goes on to explain that a person in need of money should not feel bad about selling off between 30% to 50% of their Bitcoin currency.  However, they should still keep at least half of it invested. This will keep them from facing extreme disappointment if Bitcoin’s value does continue to rise over the years.

This idea is emulated by Linas Rajackas, from Kaiser Exchange, who says, “If you have low risk tolerance, and your bitcoin exposure becomes significant, you might consider selling a part to get back your initial investment and keep the remaining amount of Bitcoin without any risk.”

Yet, if you aren’t in need of money for a major purchase like a car or a house, both advisors believe an investor should keep all their Bitcoin for now, agreeing that the upside is worth waiting for.

At the same time, there are many investors who are used to taking risks that won’t even touch digital money. One example is JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, who believes the currency is a fraud that will steal people’s money in the end.

The fact of the matter is that is really is just up to the individual investors and their current situation.  They will need to make that final call as to whether they should wait to earn more money from their Bitcoin, or avoid any possible risks by selling some now.