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What’s New at FortuneJack: Latest Slots Releases from Endorphina

This week we’re taking a look at some of the newest slots games added to FortuneJack by one of the best crypto casino software manufacturers around, Endorphina. Endorphina has released hundreds of titles in the past and is known for making consistently entertaining, addictive and smooth functioning slots games for the crypto casino market. If you’ve played bitcoin slots for any considerable period of time in the past, you’ve likely played one of theirs.

On top of being well-designed, Endorphina’s games are renowned for being incredibly fair and honest, meaning you never have to worry about being cheated due to rigged software. By having a bedrock solid reputation built upon the principles of quality and trust (much like FortuneJack), Endorphina has managed to grow into one of the most popular gaming software providers in the industry.

If you have not already signed up with FortuneJack, you can click here to open an account with them. The process is painless, and once registered you will find a huge array of fantastic bonuses in which you can take part. These include free spins bonuses, deposit bonuses, and cash back on losses, all available to customers with any size bankroll.

FortuneJack is constantly accumulating new titles for their already-huge collection of slots, and this is our chance to review some of the newest slots games recently added to their collection. All of these games were launched in 2019 and are representative of the smoothness in graphics and gameplay that is soon to become industry standard. Here’s a quick peek at four of our favorites.

Ancient Troy Dice

This take on slots from Endorphina combines elements of dice with themes from Ancient Troy. With an average RTP of 96%, this is one of the ­sleeker slots games to come from Endorphina in recent times. The graphics are top notch, as is the musical soundtrack, which is courteous enough to cut out after a while when you switch screens on your computer. It restarts up again after you resume playing. As with all slots games, the point is to get the same symbols in a row, which are numbers on dice and various characters.

ancient troy dice

There is an additional way to win by getting 5 numbers in any position, which is known in the game as a “5 of a Kind.” A Trojan Horse serves as a “wild,” and 3 or more “Scatter” symbols are needed to activate the bonus feature, which is 10 free games (they call them games because you’re not really spinning anything) with an added bonus “Trojan Joker” wild symbol. The minimum bet is 25 credits which is equal to almost exactly $0.25, regardless of whatever kind of coin you are playing with. With each win, they also offer a “risk game” where you have the chance to double your winnings (or lose it all).

Almighty Sparta

This is another ancient Roman times-themed slot game that centers around Spartan characters (one of which is a 3-row long image that acts as a “stacked wild” symbol). With a RTP of 96%, it has 10 pay lines and an arrow-ridden shield that serves as a scatter symbol. 2 of these award a payout of 2x, 3 award 5x, 4 award 200x, and 5 award 5000x. This potential for a massive payout by accruing 5 scatters is what makes up for the lack of free spins or other bonus features that can be won during gameplay.

almighty sparta

While the payout is extremely modest for any of the 9, 10, J, Q, K, A symbols, the character symbols offer some fantastic payouts for winning lines. For example, getting 5 “king” symbols on a pay line can result in a 5000x payout — just as big as the maximum scatter symbol award. The graphics for this particular slot are also quite nice and smooth, almost next-generation in terms of their texture and detail. The soundtrack is also pleasant, though kind of dark and foreboding, like a trailer for a historically-based action movie.

Lucky Streak 2

This fruits-based slots game is extremely straightforward and easy to grasp. It is a shiny new take on an age-old slots theme of getting certain fruits in a row. Unlike the other slots mentioned in this article, there are only 5 pay lines, and at 1 credit a piece, it makes it the equivalent of playing a nickel slot machine. There are also stars that act as scatter symbols, with 5 stars in any position delivering a payout of 25x. The single 7 symbol is the highest paying, with 3 on a pay line paying 20x, 4 paying 200x, and 5 paying a whopping 1000x. So, even if this game seems simple and no-frills, the chance for a massive payout still exists.

lucky2 slots

An interesting thing about this game is that it lacks a soundtrack, which kind of adds to its overall simplistic theme. For those who want to gamble on top of a gamble, there is also a “Take Risk” feature which allows you to double, triple, or quadruple your money by picking a card out of 5 shown that is of a higher value than the first card shown face up. Like the other slots, this game also has a RTP of 96%. Though payouts may not come often due to their only being 5 pay lines, when they do come, they are usually pretty rewarding.

Mystery of Eldorado

This is another 5-reel slot with a RTP of 96% that explores an interesting theme of an ancient South American civilization. The main symbols are jewels, along with explorer-type characters and golden runes. Getting 3 Eldorado map symbols (which also doubles as a wild) triggers 10 free games with an expanding symbol. At 10 credits (or $0.10) a bet, this is another low/mid-priced slots game for those looking to make their bankroll last.

mystery of eldorado

With payout up to 5000x on 5 symbols in a row, it is another high variance / high rewards slot, similar to Lucky Streak 2. Only 2 of the character symbols on any pay line (there are 10 pay lines total) are needed in order to win a payout. You can also get a “5 of a kind” payout for having 5 of the same jewel in any position, even if not on a pay line. If you are feeling lucky, play the Risk game to double your money, up to 4 times. The graphics are of course smooth and brightly colorful, as is Endorphina’s trademarked style, and the orchestra-based soundtrack has something of an adventurous-sounding theme.

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