In this article we compare and contrast 3 bitcoin sportsbooks to help you find the one best suited to your particular Super Bowl wagering needs.


Where to Place a Bitcoin Bet on the Super Bowl

The NFL’s most important game – the Super Bowl – is less than a week away, which means now is a good time to find the right sportsbook to place your wager. With an average spread of just 1.5 points across all the books, this will be the closest Super Bowl game we’ve had in quite a while, which means it ought to be a pretty exciting game, as the Kansas City Chiefs are set to take on the San Francisco 49ers in Florida at 6:30 EST.

At the beginning of the season, the Chiefs were the second favorite Super Bowl champions, with odds higher than only those of the New England Patriots to win the season. The 49ers, on the other hand, were much bigger underdogs, with 34:1 odds of taking it all (as compared to the Chiefs’ 8:1 odds). Now the odds for either team have narrowed to almost 2:1, with both teams fueled by great quarterbacks and defenses.

With such a close game expected, we can’t tell you who we think the winner will be, but we can certainly point you in the direction of some great bitcoin sportsbooks through which you can place a bet. Out of the dozens such sportsbooks out there, today we will be comparing the current odds offered by 3 of our very favorite, FortuneJack, Cloudbet, and Nitrogensports. They all have their pros and cons, but we trust all of them and it is more than likely that out of these 3 you will find one that is best suited for you. All of them are well-established operations and have been successful in the industry by being competent, trustworthy, and offering a large selection of betting options with fair odds.

First, let’s take a look at the Super Bowl odds being offered by each site. The spread is currently -1.5 Kansas City on all 3 sites, and the over/under is 54 (except at FortuneJack, where it is 54.5). The best odd of each sportsbook has been bolded.

Bet Type                             FortuneJack        Cloudbet          Nitrogensports

Money Line – Chiefs         1.85x                    1.84x                    1.83x

Money Line – 49ers          2.05x                    2.13x                    2.08x

Spread (-1.5) – Chiefs       1.95x                    1.98x                    1.95x

Spread (-1.5) – 49ers        2.00x                    1.95x                    1.94x

Over (54)                            1.90x (54.5)         1.93x                    1.92x

Under (54)                          2.00x (54.5)         1.93x                    1.97x


We see that the odds are pretty tight among all 3 books, and vary only slightly for each item. Perhaps because they are the only sportsbook that is offers totally anonymous betting, Nitrogensports odds tend to be just a hair lower than the other 2, unless if you are looking to bet on the under and want to bet on the point total being exactly under 54 (as opposed to FortuneJack’s 54.5).

Now let’s look at a few of the pros & cons of each individual site:

fotrunejack casino logoFortuneJack


  • Accepts U.S. players
  • Highly trusted
  • Offers several sports-related bonuses


  • Unclear betting interface
  • 1x rollover requirement
  • No prop bets



  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Huge selection of prop bets
  • Huge alternate lines selection


  • Does not accept U.S. players (this is a pretty big one as most NFL fans are in the U.S.)



  • Allows anonymous account registration
  • Huge selection of prop bets
  • Easily-adjustable lines


  • Slightly lower odds (higher overround)
  • Periods of inability to place certain bets (such as live bets)
  • Occasionally delayed bet grading (may not pertain to the Super Bowl)


As we consider all 3 sportsbooks worthy of your business, what it comes down to is what you in particular are looking for in terms of making a bet. If you are based in the U.S., you will likely want to choose FortuneJack or Nitrogensports. If you are not, you may find Cloudbet best suited for your needs.

If you are looking to take advantage of sportsbook-related bonuses and want to deposit your coins at a trusted, well-regulated casino, we would recommend FortuneJack.

If you are looking to place a prop or special bet (and are not a U.S. resident), we recommend Cloudbet.

If you are looking to remain anonymous and get your funds in and out of the sportsbook as quickly as possible, we recommend Nitrogensports.

Again, we stress that all 3 choices are perfectly legitimate contenders, all having been successful in the bitcoin casino industry for several years and earning a large degree of respect from the community. Whichever selection you end up choosing, we wish you best of luck on your bet!


Have additional questions? Feel free to ask us in the comment box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.