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Which Bitcoin Dice Sites Are Actually Provably Fair?

Today we’ll be giving you a refresher course on what “provably fair” means, how it applies to Bitcoin Dice games, and how to make sure that the dice site on which you are playing actually employs usage of a provably fair system. We’ll also review a few dice sites that make proper use of provably fair systems so you have an idea of what to expect, and how to verify your results.

What Does “Provably Fair” Mean?

In short, a provably fair game is one whose outcome is based on a cryptographic (mathematic) function that can be independently verified, meaning the result is transparent and cannot be altered. Although nobody (outside of the casino) can know the result of a bet before it is made, anyone can verify the legitimacy of the result as long as they have 3 pieces of information:

  • Server seed – revealed by the gambling site after a bet has concluded
  • Client seed – adjustable string of characters provided by the bettor (or the browser if left unchanged)
  • Nonce – a number that represents which bet was made in the sequence of bets, increases by 1 after each bet

The outcome of every dice roll is generated by combining these 3 variables. Obviously, the server seed cannot be displayed until after all betting has been concluded, because if it was given to the player ahead of time it would be possible for them to know the outcome of every dice roll before they placed a bet. For a more detailed explanation of what provably fair is and how it works, click here to read our extended article on the subject.

How Do You Verify That A Bet Is Provably Fair?

Basically, it’s not good enough for a dice site to advertise itself as offering “provably fair” betting; it must be possible for the bets to be verified. In order to do this, you will need access to the 3 variables mentioned above, and a way to verify them. For the 3 sites we are listing below, you can enter each variable into a provably fair verifier. Just enter in the server seed hash and/or server seed, client seed, and starting nonce (usually 0 or 1), and press the “Verify” button to reveal your expected roll result. It should match your actual roll.

If you are using other dice sites, there are ways to manually verify the provably fairness of a roll which are a bit more complicated than using a verified, but the process is explained very well in this guide.

What Are Some Reputable Provably Fair Dice Sites?

Here are a few Bitcoin Dice sites that have been around for a while and have a handle on what they are doing. We can recommend them to our readers with full confidence as they all not only deliver a compelling gameplay experience but have a reputation for being remarkably honest as well, which includes making proper use of provably fair systems.



PrimeDice is one of the older dice sites still in operation. It features a 1% house edge, instant deposits and withdrawals, enhanced user privacy, and of course it uses a verifiable, provably fair system. In their 6 years of operation, they have seen an astonishing 22.1 billion bets, with over 2.2 million BTC wagered in the process. In addition to running a competent and trustworthy operation, PrimeDice is also known for catering to its high rolling crowd, offering a VIP program with plenty of perks. By joining the PrimeDice VIP club, you are automatically granted access to all of the following features:

  • Loyalty Progression
  • Personal VIP manager
  • Rake back
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Specialty Challenges
  • Gifts & Rewards

Click here to get started playing at PrimeDice today.

Click here to access the PrimeDice fairness verifier.


Nitrogen Dice

nitrogen dice

Nitrogen Dice was launched in 2017 by the long-standing bitcoin sportsbook, Nitrogensports. In operation since 2012, Nitrogensports has made a name for itself by being extremely competent, fair, and offering great customer service. They are known for being responsive to customer needs and are fully aware that there is no better way to succeed than by running a good, honest business. This has helped it to attain a massively loyal customer following in its 7+ years of operation, and you can be assured that their dice game is going to be honest as well.

Click here to get started playing at Nitrogen Dice today.

Click here to access the Nitrogen Dice fairness verifier.




Opening its doors for business in 2014, CryptoGames (also known as Crypto Games or Crypto-games.net) made a name for itself early on by providing support for a large variety of coins instead of just hosting BTC players. They initially started out accepting deposits for 7 different coins and have now worked their way up to 35+, including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), and a few stablecoins as well, like USDCoin (USD), for example. In addition to dice, they also have provably fair versions of blackjack, roulette, video poker, plinko, minesweeper, and a lottery as well. Though it may seem simplistic in its design, CryptoGames manages to attract thousands of players a day who are drawn to it by its earnestness, knowing that they are getting as fair a deal as any when gambling with their crypto.

Click here to get started playing at CryptoGames today.

Click here to access the CryptoGames fairness verifier.