In this article we explain why it is important to pick a casino worthy of your coins and provide some advice on how to find them.


Why It’s Important to Play at a Trusted Crypto Casino

There are literally hundreds of different bitcoin and crypto casinos out there to choose from out there; sever offering unique game selections, bonuses, promotions or other perks to attract customers. Many of these are legit operations, and many are not. Many are legitimate while you are losing but if you should suddenly win big, it is quickly revealed that they are actually less-than-honest. Some are perhaps legitimate for some users but engaged in selective scamming of others. And some are outright scams that just collect coins from gullible new users, never to be withdrawn.

With so many casinos out there these days, it is important to find one that has a proven track record of being honest, resolving customer complaints, and transparent in their policies. While no casino is perfect, you’re much better off playing at a casino that has a reputation for putting their customers first. It’s important to remember that some problems for any casino may arise; a few of the most common are:

  • a glitch in gaming software pays out more than it should, resulting in unearned winnings,
  • a player may be mistakenly credited with coins they did not win,
  • the casino is unhappy with the KYC information you have provided them, and
  • the casino believes you are trying to cheat them by signing up with multiple accounts.

A good crypto casino will do what they can to make sure you remain a customer, whereas a bad casino will do what they can to simply take your money.

Crypto Casino Horror Stories

As an example of a crypto casino experience gone wrong, here is a cautionary tale left in the Scam Accusation section of the Bitcointalk Forum, about a casino that did everything except for cash out its winners:

“I have over 19 years that gamble and had over 50 accounts where I gambled. But offshore gambling site scammers like xxxxx I have never seen before. They kept my winnings of almost 3000 Euro for no reason my account was verified and I just played some combo bets live bets and single bets all from English leagues.

They stopped answering emails and blocked me in live chat. They are operated from a call centre from Bulgaria. I checked their reviews on trust pilot and sbr forum and there were tons on complaints like mine. I have almost no hope that I will get my money…

Their casino games are rigged, fake bonuses with ridiculous terms, fake jackpots just to lure you. But bottom of the line if you get lucky enough they will not pay you.”

Here’s an example of a flat-out scam website that is only masking as a casino. It’s a modern take on the “Nigerian Prince” email scam which consists of being offered a potentially huge reward after you deposit just a relatively little bit of money. Of course, there was never a huge reward in the first place, and the scammer is only after the initial deposit.

“I will say my experience with that website. A discord user add me and ask me for help because he live in china and can’t withdraw on this website. He send me a transfer of 1 btc and ask me for withdraw for him… BUT

First the system of ask me 0.02 btc before withdraw to verify my account because I’m new user… well

After that when I ask a withdraw the system ask me a commission of 0.03 btc for pay fees of withdraw. The commission need to pay (to) do a deposit!!!

And finally when I deposit the commission, the system ask(ed) me (for) another commission with an amount of 0.025 btc…

The support says (to) me the system don’t say the full amount of commission and ask me to do another deposit for pay commission.

This website is definitely a big SCAM!!

The support chat answer fast for a better illusion of trust.


Finally, here are some comments on a casino which has a reputation of being honest among some players and dishonest among others. The difference is that those who find it to be honest only gamble small amounts of money and obtain earnest winnings (less than $100). If you should happen to win big, however, it is seemingly impossible to get your money out, as they will apparently give any excuse they can in order to not have to honor your withdrawal. From one user:

“xxx are a bunch of clowns. As far as I can tell their business model is basically offer a huge referral program (40%+?) to get a lot of exposure from reflink aggregators like askgamblers — and then if players happen to win, try find any possible excuse to discourage or outright not pay winners.

It’s a real shame really, because not all casinos are so trashy — but it really pays to do a significant amount of research on a place before you start playing to avoid a repeat.”

The same user gives an expanded explanation when asked about how dishonest casinos manage to stay in business through the years, and his answer is quite revealing:

“My guess is their very generous affiliate program. And plus, it’s not like they screw everyone. I suspect 99% of the time, they operate pretty reasonably. Just they’re always on the lookout for stupid stuff to screw customers over, if it benefits them. Like a simple example is if someone wins a lot and tries withdrawals, they generally try (to) do an extensive KYC to hope the person doesn’t want to go through the process, or can’t go through the process, is in breach of something etc. And then they just pocket the money. It’s insane. But if someone does pass and hasn’t gambled their winnings in the mean-time then they probably will begrudgingly process the withdrawal…

So they might not directly be a criminal organization, but they operate like one of those seedy strip clubs whose seemingly only goal is to try rip off everyone as much as possible while having some veil of legitimacy.”

These are only a few examples of hundreds of other similar stories out there. Just remember that at the end of the day, there is likely very little that you or anybody else can do to recover your cryptocurrency should it be unrightfully taken by a casino. This is why it’s important to only play at trustworthy casinos.

How to Find a Trusted Casino

Here are a few basic pointers that can help you find a casino is worthy of your business.

  • Only play at well-established casinos. Find casinos that have been in business for several years. Steer clear from casinos that have yet to develop a reputation for themselves. There are plenty of legitimate casinos out there, so don’t be enticed by a newer casino’s amazing bonuses, promotions, referral program, etc., as these could simply be tricks to get you to deposit your coins.
  • Find a casino with a license. Though having a license doesn’t necessarily mean you will not have any problems with a casino, it means the casino is at least willing to comply with certain standards and shell out a pretty sizeable chunk of money in order to secure the license. The most common and respected license is issued by the island nation of Curacao, and are known as licenses 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ. A licensed casino will usually proudly display their licensing information, either at the bottom of their home page or else in an About Us, Terms and Conditions or FAQ section.
  • Check the web for user complaints. As we said earlier, no casino is perfect, and all major casinos have some complaints lodged against them from time to time. What really separates a fraudulent casino from a good one is how they deal with their user complaints. A bad casino will either not respond or lock you out of your account for complaining, whereas a good casino will always respond within a reasonable amount of time and work with you to resolve your issue. If you’ve violated the casino’s terms and policies, they will let you know exactly how. Researching crypto casino complaints on the web is a good way to establish just how willing they are to work with their customers.

So, having said all that, what are some casinos that are considered to be trusted? If you are a reader of Coin Clarity, you will know who we like, but if you want a less biased account of which casinos are considered trustworthy by their users and professional crypto casino review sites, we suggest you read our recent article on the subject. Here are a few casinos that we consider to be particularly trustworthy, and can recommend with full confidence:

FortuneJack – operating since 2014, outstanding selection of games, now includes a full sportsbook with competitive odds, offers a 110% bonus on your 1st deposit.

mBit Casino – another industry standard open since 2014, features several hundred slots, some of the most generous bonuses around, as well as a multi-tiered VIP program.

Cloudbet Casino – founded in 2013, one of the oldest bitcoin casinos still in operations, caters extensively to high roller players, also has a well-rounded sportsbook.

Bovada – the modern, bitcoin-friendly extension of Bodog, Bovada caters to U.S. customers specifically and offers a large selection of casino games that can’t be found on other casinos.

Along with some of our other oft-recommended casinos, we put a high degree of faith in these casinos to do the right thing, and treat their customers well. If you have any questions about the subject, please feel free to leave us a comment in the comment box below, and we’ll be sure to get back to you!