Whereas Bitcoin is limited to 21 million individual BTC coins, Yearn Finance (YFI) has just 40,000 tokens, one of the industry’s smallest numbers. YFI operates on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token, which allows users to send and receive low-fee transactions much faster than traditional transfers.

Here’s everything else you need to know to start playing online slots with YFI.

Yearn Finance Slots Bonuses and Promotions

Crypto slots sites that accept Yearn Finance as a banking method offer a selection of promotions and bonuses similar to traditional sites. However, Crypto bonuses tend to be far more competitive. The promos and bonuses offered by YFI slots sites can include welcome bonuses, special seasonal promos, daily jackpots, and free spins.

The bonuses and promotions offered by Yearn Finance slots sites typically include: 

  • Welcome bonuses apply to the first deposit made to a slots site. In most cases, welcome bonuses offer matched deposit bonuses that provide a 100% bonus on a slot player’s first deposit to a site. A $500 deposit, for example, would provide an additional $500 bonus cash with this promotion
  • Bonus cash is for new players on their first deposit, such as a $100 welcome cash bonus
  • Reload bonuses apply to the second, third, or ongoing deposits made to an account or used for deposits made in specific cryptocurrencies. Most reload bonuses offer a smaller matched percentage bonus or a smaller cash bonus
  • Free spins: Crypto slots sites offer free spins for deposits or as rewards for VIP programs in the same way as traditional sites
  • Jackpots: Yearn Finance slots progressive jackpots can often offer amounts that compete with the progressive jackpots available on traditional slots sites
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Using special promo codes or bonus codes can give new players access to benefits otherwise unavailable with public promos. The table at the top of this article lists any active promo codes on the best slots sites.

VIP programs can provide a wide range of benefits, such as free spins, bonus cash, or access to higher betting limits. In addition, most Yearn Finance slots sites offer point-based or level-based VIP programs that grant players access to higher tiers.

How to Deposit YFI to Slots Sites

All that is needed to make a deposit is a wallet address. Your slots site will provide this address within the banking, cashier, or wallet section.

Players have several different deposit methods to choose from including:

  • Mastercard credit or debit card
  • Visa debit or credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Other popular digital payment gateways

First, start a new transaction within your wallet or exchange to make the deposit. Next, copy and paste the site’s wallet address into the destination field. Finally, specify the amount you would like to deposit and click send. Your funds will be available to start betting within 45 minutes.

Make sure that you are sending your funds to a dedicated YFI address. Depositing otherwise, such as sending YFI to a Bitcoin address, will permanently lose funds. Also, it’s rare for crypto betting sites to charge deposit fees; you’re more likely to be charged fees by your wallet or exchange as a small maintenance cost.

Usually, crypto slots sites that accept YFI won’t set a minimum deposit amount. To take advantage of first deposit bonuses or new player promos, you’ll typically need to meet a minimum deposit amount worth at least $10 to $50.

How to Withdraw Yearn Finance Tokens

YFI is compatible with any ERC-20 wallet and is popular as a withdrawal destination due to its safety and reliability. Your wallet address is all you’ll need to execute a YFI withdrawal from a slots site. You can find this by starting a new transaction within your wallet or exchange and clicking ‘receive.’ Once you do that, you’ll have a QR code you can scan and an address you can copy/paste.

Your site will provide you with a dedicated section to make withdrawal requests. To make the withdrawal, copy and paste your wallet address into the specified section and type in the amount you would like to withdraw.

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Even though crypto transactions are known to process extremely quickly, some sites may intentionally hold your request to verify the transactions. For example, they may require additional KYC information or other verification forms before letting the transaction through. This can also happen if the requested amount is relatively large or if there have been multiple withdrawal requests made in a short amount of time. In any case, these holds usually won’t last more than 24 hours.

If you’d prefer to store your Yearn Finance coins for future investments, it’s important not to keep them in a wallet that is available through an online crypto exchange. Dedicated cryptocurrency wallets are far more secure than online wallets.

How to Play Slots With Yearn Finance

Crypto slots sites handle banking very differently from traditional online slots sites, but the basic functionality of the slots on both types of sites are virtually identical. If you’ve played online slots before, you’ll find the basic user interface and process of navigating through different game types and placing bets straightforward.

There are many safe and secure slots games to choose from including:

  • Classic Slots / 3-Line Slots
  • 5-Line Slots
  • Video Slots
  • 3D Slots
  • Bonus Slots
  • Progressive Slots
  • Virtual Reality Slots
  • Free Slots

A critical point of difference is how crypto slots sites handle betting — some sites calculate bets in mBTC, which is equal to one-thousandth of a Bitcoin, rather than use USD or EUR. Users can change the currency in which wagers are viewable in their user settings.

On decentralized sites, users can play provably fair crypto slots. These slots take the blockchain data provided by the player and use it to run random number generator (RNG) software. By doing this, these sites can give unbiased and truly random odds. Furthermore, since these games are open-source, players can view the code that runs them and verify their odds.

Yearn Finance is a relatively new addition to the list of cryptocurrencies that players can use to bet online, but many crypto casinos are starting to accept YFI as a banking option.

Using Yearn Finance to Play Slots Online: What You Need to Know

There are a few more notes that players should know when using YFI for online transactions. The following tips will ensure that your funds and personal information remain safe while you play crypto slots online:

  • Yearn Finance Transaction Fees: ERC-20 tokens such as YFI use Gas for transaction fees. The cost of Yearn Finance transactions is due to the amount of congestion on the Ethereum network. During peak times, Gas prices may increase dramatically, causing YFI transaction costs to increase. Always check transaction costs before sending YFI transactions
  • Security: Yearn Finance is a highly valuable cryptocurrency, and, like any other cryptocurrency, the transactions are irreversible. It’s important to always use additional security features wherever available, such as the two-factor authentication (2FA) settings on exchanges and only bet on recommended slots sites
  • Anonymity: Some cryptocurrency slots sites offer anonymous crypto slots, but Yearn Finance is not a private or anonymous cryptocurrency like Monero (XMR). If you send Yearn Finance transactions from a crypto exchange wallet after completing the ID verification process, your transactions may be de-anonymized
how to play slots with yearn finance

Choosing the Best Yearn Finance Slots Site

Using YFI to play slots provides slots players with many advantages. The high price of YFI coins means that trading in pairs on cryptocurrency exchanges typically offers high liquidity, allowing slots players to trade YFI for other cryptocurrencies or cash extremely quickly. YFI has reached extremely high prices before, with all-time high prices in 2021 reaching almost $100,000.

Cryptocurrency slots sites and casinos that accept Yearn Finance offer players instant withdrawals — rather than waiting several days for bank transfer withdrawals. YFI slots sites allow players to access their winnings with YFI payouts that take less than 45 minutes on average.

In addition to instant withdrawals, Yearn Finance slots sites also offer higher deposit limits, withdrawal limits, and betting limits. Also, the bonuses and promotions available at Yearn Finance casinos and slots sites are often much better than those offered by traditional slots sites.

YFI slots sites and casinos offer players varying levels of reliability — the safest YFI slots sites rank high on trustworthiness, reliability, payout speed, player support, and player reviews. The table at the top of this article lists the safest YFI slots sites online today.

It’s important to note that Yearn Finance slots sites and casinos are very different. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the slots site you play on offers the features you require. If you prefer to play video slots or 3D slots, it’s worth checking to see the games a site offers before signing up.

Check the following factors before you sign up and start playing slots:

  • Instant payouts: The best and most popular Yearn Finance slots sites allow players to withdraw YFI instantly. The table at the top of this article offers a regularly updated list of sites that offer instant payouts
  • Customer support: Look for Yearn Finance slots sites that offer live chat support or fast email support responses
  • Mobile versions: Some Yearn Finance slots sites make it possible to bet YFI on slots with your phone through dedicated smartphone apps or mobile web compatibility.

How to Buy Yearn Finance

The Yearn Finance coin is a relatively easy cryptocurrency to trade for — the popularity of YFI means that most major cryptocurrency exchanges offer trading pairs of YFI with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many stablecoins.

If you don’t already have any cryptocurrency you can use to trade for YFI, you’ll need to buy some first. Unlike major mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s not possible (in most cases) to buy YFI instantly with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.

It’s possible to create an account on an exchange that lists YFI and fund your account with a bank transfer, but this process is relatively inconvenient and slow due to long transfer processing times. So instead, the fastest way to buy YFI is to instantly purchase Bitcoin from an exchange that offers instant card purchases, then send the Bitcoin to an exchange that offers BTC/YFI trading pairs.

The steps in this process are below:

  • Create an account on an exchange that offers instant purchases of Bitcoin with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, such as Binance US or Gemini
  • Complete the ID verification process and link your credit or debit card to your exchange account
  • Instantly buy Bitcoin via a card purchase
  • Create an account on Gate.io, and send your Bitcoin from the first exchange you signed up with to your Gate.io account
  • Trade Bitcoin for Yearn Finance on Gate.io

Once you’ve completed this process, your Yearn Finance coins will be available to withdraw from a wallet hosted by Gate.io.

Key Takeaways

fun slots for YFI coin

While there are just 40,000 YFI coins in existence, it’s possible to send fractions of a single YFI coin to make deposits or withdrawals on crypto slots sites and casinos. Using YFI coins to play slots provides slot players with many advantages, including instant withdrawals, higher withdrawal limits, and higher betting limits.

The high demand for YFI means that slots players that bet with Yearn Finance can either hold their funds to capitalize on DeFi market price movements or sell them instantly for fiat currencies such as USD or EUR. The high value, fast transaction speed, and widespread adoption of YFI make it a powerful alternative to Bitcoin for online cryptocurrency slots.